5 Easy Tips On How To Get Your Blog Noticed

5 Easy Tips to get your blog noticedYour website is all set and you’ve written your first business blog post. Congrats, you’re blogging! For those of you who haven’t started to blog, click here to get more information on how to start and here is why you should blog.

Okay the first blog post is done…now what?!

Be sure to check this Ultimate Checklist, which will help you make sure you haven’t forgotten any elements in your writing.

Here are 5 easy starter tips:

  1. Have social media buttons for sharing your blog & post on your platforms
  1. Start an email newsletter list
  1. Have tweetable content
  1. Use an awesome image
  1. Always have a Call To Action (CTA)

Social Media

Have your social media share buttons enabled on the blog post. It’s easy for people to just click a button and GO. Let them share your content!

You can also use the Publicize feature in WordPress to get the information out onto different platforms of which you’re connected. However be aware that this is not the best thing to do since sometimes your blog image doesn’t render the best quality and you’ll want to display it differently on each platform. LinkedIn has never given me any trouble with this feature HOWEVER it looks horrible on the Twitter and Facebook end.

You will have to find out where your audience hangs out. If most people are on Facebook, you’ll definitely want to take the image straight into a FB post.

Email Subscription

Use your subscribe widget or add an image widget in WordPress to connect to a newsletter site with autoresponder capabilities such as: MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc. Have a large button with a Call To Action (CTA) that your subscriber is about to get some awesome content via email. In your newsletter, you can also add social media share buttons so your subscribers can share your blog posts easily.


Use a significant quote related to your content and have it readily available to tweet. You can use Click to Tweet, which is a FREE tool to link a small sentence or quote for others to tweet. Check out the example below:

Use a quote or comment that can be tweeted to market your blog. Place a link to your blog & twitter handle. >TWEET THIS<

HubSpot has a great article on how to generate tweetable content with icons.

Awesome Image 

Okay if you know me, you know I’m going to bring up Canva! Canva is an awesome FREE image design tool. You can select the blog graphic template and create an awesome design with one of their easy to use design templates. Read more about Canva in one my most popular posts, How to Use Canva Like a Pro.

It’s important to have an image for your blog. It brings your blog attention and the post will get more clicks if it has an image.

Keep in mind all social media platforms work differently for images. Canva has designated templates for each platform, I highly suggest you use them. Get more details on it here.

Call To Action (CTA)

All blog posts must have a call to action. It can be a simple question of what the readers think of the post. You must lead the reader to take action of some sort. You want engagement with the hope they will subscribe to your newsletter or share your blog with a friend. This eventually can lead to a conversion of a sale.

I hope you find these tips useful. Having a blog is important for your business and you’ll want to make sure it’s being seen.

What other tips do you have to get your blog noticed?

Are you having any trouble in any of these areas? Let me know I’d love to help.

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus




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13 thoughts on “5 Easy Tips On How To Get Your Blog Noticed

      1. I can’t add the social links and forwards… I am sure there is much more missing on my blog. I have lots of great content now the challenge is getting it recognized and seen.

      2. Go to your Dashboard, go to Settings (2nd to last from the bottom) and click on Sharing. Under Sharing Buttons – drag the social media buttons to Enabled Services. You should be all set then.

      3. Hey Jeffrey,

        Also the Publicize option is there to connect to your social media platforms. Make sure you connect those too. This will send all posts out as soon as you hit Publish.

      4. I have the sharing on posts working, but not the same cute images as yours. I also have the publicize function working. Another challenge, is I have all the comments on my Linkedin post, is there a way to share those?

      5. Ok to get the cute buttons you have to go to Sharing and click on Button style to change it to Icon only.

        Not sure what you mean about comments on LinkedIn. Are your LI comments being posted on your blog??

      6. Buttons working, thanks 🙂 My Li comments are only posted on LI, as it is an LI post, can they be shared with the blog? I have asked people to repost to the blog, but it rarely works.

      7. Great! I see what you mean, no you can’t do that. I think if you have a wordpress.org then there may be a plug-in but you can’t do that on wordpress.com. If you’re looking for more comments and engagement, I highly suggest you use Google+ as there are many great communities. Check out Google Plus Engagement Blog Club! I’ll be posting about what clubs to join to gain engagement on blogs soon. Look out for that as I think you can truly benefit.

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