Time to Kick Off the New Year with Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t something that comes to you, you have to find and achieve it. This year I’m starting things off with inspiration, and success! In quote form, of course, but I also want these quotes to mean something. I want them to motivate you (and me) this year. Let’s go! Kick off the New YearContinue reading “Time to Kick Off the New Year with Inspiration”


Are Those Images Really Pin-Worthy? (A Pinterest Pin Overview)

Have you ever thought about all the wonderful images you find on Pinterest? Are those images really pin-worthy? When creating a Pinterest account, did you wonder the possibilities to business activity? I know I didn’t even think of that when I created my account. Actually I created my Pinterest account before I started my business.Continue reading “Are Those Images Really Pin-Worthy? (A Pinterest Pin Overview)”

Self-Publishing on Kindle for Image-Rich or Illustrated Books

Recently I’ve published my Canva book on Amazon Kindle for the 2nd time. Yes, it was published years ago now and it was quite basic however Canva was basic at the time. Anyhow it was time to revise my book and get back into the “self-publishing mode” for Kindle. The first time was quite aContinue reading “Self-Publishing on Kindle for Image-Rich or Illustrated Books”

The 2 Best & Free Image Editing Tools To Remove Backgrounds

When I create graphics for social media or blogs, there are times when I come across a graphic with a white background. Even some of my clients receive great logos from their designers however they never get a logo with the transparent background. The question is how to get rid of the dreaded white backgroundContinue reading “The 2 Best & Free Image Editing Tools To Remove Backgrounds”