How to Use Networking & Social Sites to Get Your Blog Viral – Part 1

How to Use Networking & Social Sites to Get Your Blog ViralYour business blog is finally getting some attention and getting noticed. You’ve been really hitting the social sites hard and getting some traffic to your website. Then it gets quiet days after your last blog post and people are not clicking on your blog. Hmm… If you just started your blog and you’re looking for some tips to get it noticed, read about the tips here before going further.

Networking and relationship building is vital to keep a business alive and it’s the same with your blog. Sure you can post your blog URL to Twitter, Facebook, and so on but then who’s really clicking on your post. Do you know who your audience is? You have to pinpoint your target area and post your information. For example, if you have a jewelry blog it’s probably best to post your blog on Pinterest and Google+.

Here are some resources to get your blog post to YOUR (meaning the people who will most likely purchase your service or product) people. Most of these social media platforms have groups, which may be named differently however they all have a main objective in getting your information to the masses. AND you might learn a thing or two from your colleagues.

Google+ – For every type of person, from creative freelance to business professional they are among 540 million monthly active users. They are ranked 2nd largest of the social media networks. There is so much to do on Google+ it’s mind-boggling. Many people get deterred and intimidated by it. It does take some time to learn but the benefits are great. You have to search for the communities that would work best for you. I couldn’t even get a statistic of how many communities are around, however just think anyone can create a community so the number has to be massive. Add people from the communities you like to your circles (circles are category groups or folders, which you can place into Friends, Acquaintances, Following, etc.). Here’s a couple that I joined and really have found some awesome people to share my blog with.

Also on Google+, make sure you have a business page to post all your blog posts to and find engagement with customers or potential customers on your page. If you don’t have one set-up, check out the details here. Remember it is Google so SEO definitely plays a big factor and engage with your circles. Comment on other posts, +1, and share. Keep in mind for every blog post you post on Google+ add an image. If you know me by now I’ll lead you to one of my posts on Canva regarding design templates. <—Yep there it is.

Facebook – There are 829 million people who use Facebook on a daily basis. There are many private and public groups on Facebook. You can join up to 6,000 groups, I don’t know if you want to do that but that is the limit. Again add friends from the groups to share your knowledge. Canva also has FB post templates along with ad templates. Guess what! Canva has now integrated with Postplanner and Tabsite apps for your Facebook page. No need to leave FB to get a design done.

LinkedIn – For the professional business type, find a group that your ideal client will be in. Groups are listed on all profiles. There are more than 2.1 million groups on LinkedIn and there are more than 313 million people registered to LinkedIn. That’s a lot of people! Those people may need your service or product. With all of those groups, you will most likely fit into a dozen of them to network and build relationships. Lend your expertise to your group members and don’t spam. You don’t want to sell anything in your groups. It’s not nice. Anyway all groups have their rules and pretty much the main rule is not to spam. Groups are where you get to know people and find what issues they may be having. You may have the answers for them. Someone may have an answer for a problem you have.

Groups build relationships! You’re not going to get anything out of it unless you put in value.” – TWEET!

You can use the blog post design template in Canva for your image on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for Part 2! Lots more resources and tools to get that networking and sharing going.

Do you use Google+, LinkedIn, or Facebook?
Do you think social sites are valuable to your business?

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


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19 thoughts on “How to Use Networking & Social Sites to Get Your Blog Viral – Part 1

  1. Hi Lillian,

    I have always relied on Social Sites! Google+ and Facebook are the two I use the most because most of my readers are there. You have given great advice of the importance of using social media.

    I also love sharing every post I read on these sites because it is part of ethical blogging.

    The numbers of people are staggering. It is just as important to be using social media and your blog. They do go hand and hand.


  2. Great review of social media in terms of where we can go to get the attention we’d like. Also great that you covered the etiquette of how to use different sites. Thanks, Lillian!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! There’s so much content and resources I want to share that I felt horrible to split it however it would be such a long read.

      I really want business owners to spend their valuable time on a platform that’s going to work for them. Take care!

  3. Social media is certainly a must to spread the word about your blog, Lillian.

    You’ve outlined how 3 of the most important ones operate. As with anything online, you need to design a plan and then work it consistently over a period of time.

    Social media requires a good deal of strategic planning, then even more effort and implementation.

    Thanks for some good tips that will help get folks started.

    1. Hello David,

      Social media does take a great deal of strategy or else it’s a time waster. I want business owners to realize that and use their time wisely.

      Thanks for the comment! Look for Part 2 next week with more platforms and tools.

      Take care,

  4. Hi Lillian,
    I believe this is my first visit to your site and I very much enjoyed looking around. I am not exactly sure whether its the colors, the bounce in your writing or what but you have a good thing going here.

    Wishing you great success. Have a great day. Monna

    1. Hi Monna,

      Thanks so much for visiting! That’s so sweet of you.

      I do try to make visiting my site a good experience with helpful information that business owners can use.

      Wishing you great success too! Thank you!

      Enjoy your day,

  5. Hi Lillian,

    I love your viewpoints on these social sites. I do believe that to build any online business these days you must focus on relationship building. These social sites will definitely do that for you if we master them. I personally am focused on facebook and twitter at the moment. I think it is important to master one or two before moving on to others. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. HI Lillian!

    My first time visiting your site – and it won’t be my last!

    What a great service you offer and some interesting and helpful articles.

    Thank you!

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