How to use Canva like a Pro in 10 minutes

Canva BlogIf you have a small business or you’re an entrepreneur, you should be posting your blogs, services, and products out on the web.  But you have to get your audience’s attention.  How?  Firstly with an awesome design that YOU can make yourself, which displays what you have to offer to your customer.

The best thing about Canva is that you don’t have to be a graphic design professional. All you need is an awesome photo, nice font, and color. That’s it! Also you don’t have to pull your hair out using Photoshop or pay a dime to get a graphic you need in a pinch.

So don’t get your panties or boxers in a wad. This will be smooth sailing and can be pretty fun once you get used to it.

Let’s get started!

Pick a design – Figure out where you want to post on social media.

You’ll want to pick a design that’s going to work well with the social media platform you use and Canva has such a variety. You can use choose a Custom Dimension if needed.

Click on the type of design then you’re in.

Canva-Start A New Design

Once you pick your design, you can search for an image/photo in the search field, which has 1 million images – free and $1 images. SWEET!

There are some templates that you can choose from and work off of.  I tend not to use a template but use it for inspiration.  I use my own photo or find one at any of these sites:

Here is gem of a list of photo sites that you can take a look at from Buffer.  There are 53+ sites you can choose from on the list.

I use the photo template, any time you see the cloud and green hills, it’s a placeholder for a photo.

canva placeholder

Upload your photos – drag it to the template – BOOM that’s your background.

Depending on your photo or background image you may have to use the transparency option by clicking the image and the arrow.


You’ll want text now – add it by clicking Text and it gives you the plain text options on the top or simple design text areas.  Use the title of your blog post or what your product/service can do for people.

Canva-text optionsUse the smallest text option to type in your web address and use transparency to watermark your image.  You just spent quality time on creating your beautiful image don’t let someone have it for the taking.

The 3 Keys are:

  1. Photo/Image that resonates with your audience
  2. Text- make your message clear that there’s no confusion as to what you’re wanting to say
  3. Watermark – ALWAYS watermark your image with a logo or web address.

Your design can have amazing results to market your campaign especially if it’s a BORING topic.

Check out my ultra boring BUT need-to-know topic – organizational charts… [water drip effect placed right here]

This is the blog image I created.

How to Do the Best Org Charts

I found a photo that clearly suggests a man is stressing out. I thought of it when a client of mine was stressed and frustrated over an organizational chart.  I used the Canva text design to include the title of my blog and a little note DON’T STRESS.  Also I have my web address watermarked on it.

I received more hits on this blog post than I had anticipated and I can say it’s definitely because of my image because how boring are org charts – Geesh!

Here’s another example for posting to my Facebook tribe.Spectacular Weekend



As you can see, the photos are the most important step in creating awesomeness.


I also did a SlideShare completely done in Canva, I saved it as a PDF and I uploaded it. Take a look.


It’s creation paradise! You can do whatever your imagination takes you with @Canva. – TWEET THIS!

For a more in-depth look into using Canva check out my video tutorial.

You can also check out the post I had comparing PicMonkey and Canva here.

If you have been using Canva, tell me what you like best.

Canva being…

  • FREE
  • Easy to Use
  • Image Searchable

Let me know, I’d love to hear from other Canva fans.

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


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