How to Make GIFs for Visual Marketing

Many people think of GIFs as silly memes and offbeat humor, however GIFs can be such a powerful visual marketing tool for an entrepreneur or small business. Although videos are the ultimate visual marketing tool, GIFs have become the next best thing in presenting quick demonstrations and are especially useful in how-to blog posts. I’ve beenContinue reading “How to Make GIFs for Visual Marketing”

5 Tips to Finding Your Ideal Business Coach

Now that the year-end is here you’ll start seeing a number of articles of goals for next year and how they fit in your overall business plan. I’ve really thought about my goals and I found in order for me to look forward to my goals, I have to look at what worked for myContinue reading “5 Tips to Finding Your Ideal Business Coach”

How To Use HitTail For Your Business Blog

Did you start your business blog yet? You know I always encourage you to do so. If you haven’t and aren’t sure if you should go for it, be sure to check out my post on 3 Top Reasons To Blog For Your Business. If you have started, that’s excellent news! I haven’t written much aboutContinue reading “How To Use HitTail For Your Business Blog”

5 Easy Tips On How To Get Your Blog Noticed

Your website is all set and you’ve written your first business blog post. Congrats, you’re blogging! For those of you who haven’t started to blog, click here to get more information on how to start and here is why you should blog. Okay the first blog post is done…now what?! Be sure to check this UltimateContinue reading “5 Easy Tips On How To Get Your Blog Noticed”

How to Start a Business Blog in 4 Easy Steps

A blog could be good for your business, right? You’re ready to make the step into marketing your business with a blog… so what’s stopping you? You know it’s a great idea but then you remember you HATE writing. No worries! Everyone goes through a bit of doubt and hesitation when they first start intoContinue reading “How to Start a Business Blog in 4 Easy Steps”