How To Find & Define Your Small Business Mission

Super happy to bring a guest post from Kayleigh Alexandra from Micro Startups! She’s bringing us knowledge on creating a small business mission. In a nutshell, your mission describes the function, goals, and purpose for being for your small business or nonprofit. It is your guiding light, the driving force that leads you throughout yourContinue reading “How To Find & Define Your Small Business Mission”

17 Inspiring Quotes for the Entrepreneur (Spark the New Year Forward!)

Thinking of the past year, you tend to wonder what could have been different to make things better. In business, it’s a similar thought process as you are able to check off the goals that you have accomplished from your list. Then you start creating new goals for the New Year with new people, newContinue reading “17 Inspiring Quotes for the Entrepreneur (Spark the New Year Forward!)”

The 3 Video Marketing Tools That Will Help Ease The Fear Of Being On Camera

Nowadays everywhere on the web is all about video. Make sure you post video on Facebook, be sure to post video on Twitter, and don’t forget about Pinterest! Videos have become the hottest visual marketing tool for social media and business websites. Nerves Twitching & Stuttering If you want to gain traffic and gain authorityContinue reading “The 3 Video Marketing Tools That Will Help Ease The Fear Of Being On Camera”

8 Strategies to Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Here we are in a New Year and as entrepreneurs that are starting out or as entrepreneurial veterans the one thing that all business owners must do is to have goal setting on the top of their to-do list. Goal setting is essential in life experiences and work experiences. “You can’t move forward until youContinue reading “8 Strategies to Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs”

How To Use HitTail For Your Business Blog

Did you start your business blog yet? You know I always encourage you to do so. If you haven’t and aren’t sure if you should go for it, be sure to check out my post on 3 Top Reasons To Blog For Your Business. If you have started, that’s excellent news! I haven’t written much aboutContinue reading “How To Use HitTail For Your Business Blog”