How to Start Editing Videos with InVideo

I’m excited to start the year off in video – literally with InVideo! InVideo is an easy to use tool to create promotional videos, blog post to video, and convert mini video shots into one video. A great feature about InVideo is its templates, they make video creating and editing super easy. Check out my tutorial below for all the details to create videos.

Click on the InVideo image below for a FREE trial or watch the video for the promo code.
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Simple Self-Care Tips for Bloggers

I’m not one for splurging myself with massages and nail appointments like many women. Sometimes taking care of yourself seems like hard work. However, self-care doesn’t mean you have to pamper yourself physically. You may find the self-care you really need is what helps you emotionally and mentally to reduce your anxiety. Here are some simple self-care tips you can try.

Self-Care Tips to Reduce Your Anxiety

I came across an article regarding the daily habits of highly successful people. Nearly all of the daily habits were self-care tips. I thought this was quite astonishing. Every successful person listed something they did for themselves and as a result helped them become successful.

Self-care can mean something completely different from one person to another. Hopefully, you can find something on this list that resonates with you and you are able to practice on a daily or weekly basis. One thing to notice is that self-care has to be consistent in order for it to really have lasting effects on you physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Connect with a person you trust who won’t devalue your thoughts and emotions. It can be a friend, family member, therapist, or anyone that can hold secrets and won’t judge you. Take the extra effort to meet them for coffee or tea or a simple phone call will suffice. Try to schedule a weekly meeting with them. When you have someone you can count on to speak to, you’ll know you’ll get some sound advice when bad situations come up and it’ll be less stressful on you as time passes.

You're not alone


This is an absolute must for me. Before the kids or my husband wakes up, I need to have quiet time to pray, meditate, and journal. When I don’t do this I find myself depressed or unsettled for the day. It truly makes a difference to set the day up for positivity.

pray meditate journal


Read something that you’re passionate about or something completely new. Maybe it’s not related to your work or business. When you learn something new it can be refreshing. Read a chapter or a few paragraphs daily.

read for pleasure


Many people love the satisfaction of deleting or crossing off items on a to-do list, myself included. Sometimes a to-do list can be a bit overwhelming especially when there are 10 items listed for the day. Get one big thing done for the day and if you’re having a bad day you can say you’ve accomplished something. Some days this is the best way to take care of yourself.

todo list


Music is an incredible gift. It can uplift your soul and encourage you to move forward. Create a music playlist in Spotify or YouTube. Keep it simple.

These are my favorite Spotify playlists when I need encouragement to frame my state of mind that I have a purpose in this world or just to get some energy flowing. I have an eclectic taste for music from rap, gospel, to salsa so you may or may not like them. Create your own playlist. It’s a simple self-care item.

Spotify Playlists:

You may want to check out this song, which supposedly reduces anxiety up to 65%.

Are you going to start these self-care tips?

Don’t let yourself get burned out. If you can’t find someone to talk to and you’re feeling depressed. Please call one of the resources below:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

I understand how hard life can be. Don’t let yourself slip into a dark place. Use these simple self-care tips to keep positive and motivated in life.

Best Ways to Use Canva and Stencil [LIVE webinar]

Canva & Stencil Comparison[LIVE webinar]

In this live webinar, I compare Canva’s and Stencil’s features to help entrepreneurs create visual content for their businesses. It’s a 40-minute video with quick shortcuts on how to use fantastic features that can save time when creating presentations, ebooks, PDF documents, social media graphics, and more.

Let me know what features and uses you like in Canva and Stencil!

5 Bulletproof Ways to Keep Your Visitors On Your Website Longer

Super excited to bring on a guest post from Michelle Arios of Bizdb to chat about some bulletproof ways to keep your visitors on your website longer!

The longer people stay on your website, the more likely they are to spend with you. If people pop in for a few minutes and disappear, you’re missing an opportunity to turn a casual browser into a devoted customer.

Getting people to stay (especially if they’re a part of your target demographic) doesn’t have to be hard work. Making a few modifications to your website will improve user experience and give them a reason to hang around or come back more often.

5 Bulletproof Ways to Keep Your Visitors on Your Website Longer

1. Provide a Variety of Content

Text is one of the most valuable mediums through which to convey an informative and detailed message. Despite this, many people aren’t readers. They might feel inclined to read something if it accompanies another piece of content that took hold of their attention, but providing a wide variety of content is the only hook you have to catch those people.

Video content is increasingly more prevalent because it provides an immersive experience. Many videos compile text, images, moving pictures, and audio accompaniments to cater to every possible learning style. This means that people are effectively able to retain more from a video, perceiving videos to provide the most value. When you’re attempting to teach or persuade your readers, you can’t afford to forego video content.

Customers looking at video on website.

Some people are easier to please. They like memes and funny gifs to break up large blocks of content. If the content is shareable and the gifs or memes are unique, people might even want to save them and pass them along to their friends. Allowing yourself to become a goldmine of funny and useful things will encourage people to keep browsing. Even if they don’t immediately shop with you, they’ll regard your brand or your message as friendly and personable. They’ll want to visit often.

2. Let Them Know What You Want Them To Do

When calls to action are hard to complete, or even worse, seemingly absent, people are less likely to follow through with them. If the only call to action you display is on the page for purchasing your product or service, there’s no guarantee that people will naturally stumble upon it or understand why purchasing is the best decision for them by the time they get there.

Make a list of all the ways you monetize your visits, whether it’s through products, services, or referrals. Every piece of content on your website should (at least loosely) incorporate some kind of call to action. What do you want people to do? What part of your website are you attempting to draw them to?

Make your message clear and easy. Even if your call to action is a free download or trial, you’ll still need to ensure that you’re putting an adequate amount of effort into leading people to and through the process.

3. Make it Easy to Browse

Your website might contain anything and everything your readers will ever want, but they won’t know it if it’s hard to find. They might not have the patience to find out if your loading times are slow or your website feels unsecure. One of the most important aspects of keeping users on your site is user experience, and your visitors may feel that your website is lacking.

Stop Them From Leaving 5 Bulletproof Ways to Keep Your Visitors On Your Website Longer

If you have slow loading times, you might need to perform a bit of a cleanup. Remove any unused plugins or features that contribute to loading time, but don’t add any value to your site. Optimize your website for mobile to improve loading times on smartphones. If this optimization isn’t included with your hosting or your template, hire a web designer to modify your website to meet Google’s standards for mobile optimization.

The organization of your website needs a smooth flow. Be sure that your menus are intuitive and that every link is under the right umbrella. If you aggregate posts or content on your front page, be sure to lead with your most interesting pieces of content, and show related content at the bottom of each post. This will send your visitors on an immersive voyage.

4. Do What Your Analytics Tell You to Do

People already told you what they love about you. All you need to do is listen. Check your analytics to see what kind of content played best with your audience. Your analytics will practically allow you to become a mind reader. What did they like? What did they comment on? What did they share? How much traffic did that piece of content get?

Stop Them From Leaving 5 Bulletproof Ways to Keep Your Visitors On Your Website Longer

Use that as a formative example for the rest of your content. When you find something that works, provide as much similar content as possible. You’re giving people what they want while simultaneously giving them a reason to spend more time with you.

5. Let People Be Lazy

The internet is reducing people’s attention spans. Oftentimes, they’re looking to find one thing and nothing more. If they’re visiting for entertainment purposes, things need to be inherently fun enough to keep them from getting bored and clicking over to your competitor. There will always be people who want to do an information deep dive and glean as much as they possibly can from your content, but there are others who always feel in a hurry and want to get the answers they came for at a glimpse.

Make all of your content easy to skim. Use clear subheadings, gather your thoughts, and utilize bulleted lists or takeaways to make complicated or nuanced pieces of content easy to digest from the beginning. Some people don’t want to use a magnifying glass or a fine toothed comb just to get an answer to their question, and by optimizing your content for ease of quick browsing, you’re satisfying people who are in a rush.

Make content easy to read for your audience.

Getting people to stick around is a lot like being a great party host. You need to provide a little bit for everyone’s tastes, and make it so enjoyable that people don’t want to leave. Let the people tell you want they enjoy the most, and base your strategy around appeasing them. They’ll love you for it.

Let us know which of these methods you’ve tried and if you’ve seen results.

5 Bulletproof Ways to Keep Your Visitors on your Website Longer


5 Ways to Supercharge your Content Marketing

Happy to bring a guest post from Sarah Saker, she’s a business coach and freelance writer. She talks about supercharging your content marketing and these tips are golden!

Of course, you have a content marketing strategy, and you are fully engaged and vested in it. The first six months have gone well, but lately, you have noticed that everything you put out sounds, well, the same as everything else.

Apparently, your followers have noticed too, because traffic numbers are flat, no one new is subscribing to your newsletter, and conversions are low at best.

What do you do? You need to supercharge your content marketing strategy and give your followers and new ones something new to look at.

Shoot Some Live Video

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, live video has entered social media full force. What you do with it and what you talk about in your live videos can either supercharge or damage your content marketing strategy. Here are a few principles to follow:

  • Practice first: Just because it Is live video does not mean it must be unrehearsed. Prepare ahead of time and practice timing, choosing your words carefully, and keeping a friendly tone that is not nervous.
  • Keep it short: Remember, people’s attention spans are short on social media, which is why shorter posts get better responses. It is the same with video. Anything longer than about 90 seconds and you probably have lost your audience.
  • Make it relevant, exciting, or both: If you are skydiving or driving a race car, your video need not be relevant, but don’t share dull aspects of your life or business. Keep it exciting and relevant to keep follower interest.

Facebook Live

Live video can be a great tool, but don’t overdo it. Make it something your followers look forward to so they tune in each and every time.

Take Some Unique Photos

Yes, every website and every post really should have photos. What makes yours stand out from the rest?

If you scroll through social media, you will see what kind of photos are popular by the number of likes, shares, or retweets depending on the network you are looking at. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to see what is trending.

When you share your photos, use a blend of what is popularly combined with things that are unique. Cat photos and videos may always be popular, but make sure you can make them relevant to what you do.

Happy Caturday!

Start a New Website

That’s right. Sometimes a sister site or a new blog that talks about the same things you have already been covering by your content not only gives your followers and new ones a different perspective, it can increase your creativity as well.

How do you do it? Select a domain name that is related to yours or embodies one of your values. Of course, you will have to do a domain name search to make sure it is available. If it isn’t, play around with variations of the name, but be careful to make sure that running it together or using initials does not create a humorous or embarrassing combination.

Creating content on your site that links to the new site and vice versa creates a clear relationship that Google can see, and lends authority to both sites. You can use the sister site to enhance your content marketing strategy by posting more general topics and using your original site as a source.

Relate Your Hobbies

You do have hobbies outside of work, right? Everyone does, including your customers, and probably many of them can relate to your hobby even if it is not something they do themselves. How does what you do in your off time relate to your business? Can you draw some analogies there?

You can make these relationships through blogging, live video as mentioned above, or some photo or video essays.

This does several things for you and your business:

  • You show yourself as a human: we like to buy from people who are like us or who we can relate to. Sharing hobbies is a great way to do this.
  • You illustrate work/life balance: It is good for your customers to see you have interests besides business. You show that you are about more than money.
  • You inspire empathy: your customer can put themselves in your shoes because of what you do, and that begins a type of relationship, one that allows you to partner with them in business instead of just selling to them.

Relaxing view - show empathy

Sharing hobbies can at first seem daunting, especially if you are an amateur at what you do. Don’t worry, your audience can still relate. Everyone starts somewhere, and even failure shows your humanity and humility.

Refine Your SEO Targets

If your visitors and conversion rates are flat, maybe you are not targeting the right keywords and audiences anymore, or perhaps you have saturated that market and need to find a new one.

One way to remedy this is to look at your current customer base using social media listening, and ask yourself some simple questions:

First, ask yourself if your concept marketing persona matches the persona of your current customers and followers. If it does not, brainstorm about why. It could be that your content is not reaching your desired audience, or perhaps you should revise your content persona.

Second, ask yourself if there is a segment of the market you are missing. Your content could be reaching a new audience you didn’t even think would use your products or services. Intentionally targeting them in the future could change your business entirely.

Finally, ask yourself if there is another segment of customers you are not reaching but should be targeting. If a particular demographic is lacking in your social following, ask yourself why, and how you might reach out to them and make them your customers too.

Get Your Content Marketing Supercharged

Content marketing is important, but it can get stale if we let it. Every now and then it pays to take a look at your strategy and supercharge it. Not only will it affect your bottom line, but you will be more engaged and energized as well.

Let us know which of these content marketing tips you’ll try in the comments!

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Content Marketing #contentmarketing