How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Canva

Hello Canva Friends! I’ve created presentations in Canva many times and I always had to convert it into a PowerPoint deck. I have to say it was a tedious task but Canva has finally listened to several requests on creating a presentation in Canva and publish it as a Powerpoint presentation. It’s one of thoseContinue reading “How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Canva”

How To Create Free Ebook Downloads & PDF Worksheets Using Canva (UPDATED 2020 Version)

This has been a long time coming… five years have past since I last posted about how to create a free ebook download and PDF worksheets using Canva. Five years! Canva is still going strong and it’s new and improved in so many aspects. Let’s just stick with ebooks and freebie downloads today. Lots moreContinue reading “How To Create Free Ebook Downloads & PDF Worksheets Using Canva (UPDATED 2020 Version)”

How to Start Editing Videos with InVideo

I’m excited to start the year off in video – literally with InVideo! InVideo is an easy to use tool to create promotional videos, blog post to video, and convert mini video shots into one video. A great feature about InVideo is its templates, they make video creating and editing super easy. Check out myContinue reading “How to Start Editing Videos with InVideo”

Best Ways to Use Canva and Stencil [LIVE webinar]

Canva & Stencil Comparison[LIVE webinar] In this live webinar, I compare Canva’s and Stencil’s features to help entrepreneurs create visual content for their businesses. It’s a 40-minute video with quick shortcuts on how to use fantastic features that can save time when creating presentations, ebooks, PDF documents, social media graphics, and more. Let me knowContinue reading “Best Ways to Use Canva and Stencil [LIVE webinar]”