How to Start a Business Blog in 4 Easy Steps

A blog could be good for your business, right? You’re ready to make the step into marketing your business with a blog… so what’s stopping you? You know it’s a great idea but then you remember you HATE writing. No worries! Everyone goes through a bit of doubt and hesitation when they first start intoContinue reading “How to Start a Business Blog in 4 Easy Steps”

3 Helpful Tips to Use Canva Design Templates

Canva has numerous design templates to choose from for the most popular social media platforms and business designs. Canva makes it SUPER easy to pick out what dimension is best. If you do choose the wrong size for a platform it can become an undesirable result therefore making your business look unprofessional. Take advantage ofContinue reading “3 Helpful Tips to Use Canva Design Templates”

3 Ways to Use Canva for Presentations

UPDATE: If you’re looking to create PowerPoint presentations with Canva, take a look at this recent post. Have you heard of Canva yet?  Canva has been making its rounds through social media and causing quite a stir with its newest Kindle cover and Google+ Header design.   Canva is a FREE image design tool for blogContinue reading “3 Ways to Use Canva for Presentations”

FREE Social Media Graphic Design For Small Businesses

All business owners must think about marketing their business on various social media platforms such as: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. HOW do you get your customer’s attention to read your blog post or promotion on the social media platforms? By adding a photo or design to call their attention.  People are more interested inContinue reading “FREE Social Media Graphic Design For Small Businesses”

The Importance of Google+ for Small Businesses

Are you going gaga for Google+?  Google+ can be intimidating at first but it has very important uses for business.  Therefore it is important to learn. Google is an amazing company and their Google+ platform is taking off tremendously.  It’s not just another social media site and it’s true Facebook has a lot more activityContinue reading “The Importance of Google+ for Small Businesses”