3 Ways to Use Canva for Presentations

UPDATE: If you’re looking to create PowerPoint presentations with Canva, take a look at this recent post. Have you heard of Canva yet?  Canva has been making its rounds through social media and causing quite a stir with its newest Kindle cover and Google+ Header design.   Canva is a FREE image design tool for blogContinue reading “3 Ways to Use Canva for Presentations”

4 Easy Tips To Do The Best Organizational Charts

Do you despise organizational charts?  How many times do you have to change it in a year?  It’s inevitable when you have a business or non-profit organization; the organizational chart is needed. The organizational chart is the hierarchy representation of your business or organization.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  I know about the changesContinue reading “4 Easy Tips To Do The Best Organizational Charts”

How to use Tackk for business, non-profit, or any event you can think of.

Do you know what Tackk is?  Did you know you could be using it right now for your business, non-profit, blog, and family events? Let’s Tackk about it.  Sorry I couldn’t help myself… I only encountered it when I got a connection through Twitter by Kyle Stalzer, CEO of Tackk and Eric Bockmuller, Co-Founder ofContinue reading “How to use Tackk for business, non-profit, or any event you can think of.”

Non-Profit Feature for March – Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Hey all! I’m excited to talk about this non-profit organization based in Chicago that my family personally had experience with… Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation They are an amazing organization and they have done so much for children.  Kathleen Casey CEO/Founder started the organization in 1992 in honor of her son Barrett “Bear” Krupa. TheContinue reading “Non-Profit Feature for March – Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation”

5 Tips for Non-Profits to Make Donating Easy

Isn’t it human nature to want to make things better in this world?  Even if we find ourselves so busy we can’t help people directly in need there are always organizations out there to provide services that are needed.  Thus providing an opportunity for everyone to help indirectly.  Even helping “behind the scenes” or indirectlyContinue reading “5 Tips for Non-Profits to Make Donating Easy”