The 3 Video Marketing Tools That Will Help Ease The Fear Of Being On Camera



Nowadays everywhere on the web is all about video. Make sure you post video on Facebook, be sure to post video on Twitter, and don’t forget about Pinterest! Videos have become the hottest visual marketing tool for social media and business websites.

Nerves Twitching & Stuttering

If you want to gain traffic and gain authority there has to be that “trust factor”. So many sites advise to show your face to the camera and explain to the world why they must trust your expertise. BUT… what if you’re not that type of person? You know a “video person”. There are many people who are very shy in front of the camera and nerves settle in with the UM… and UHHH… I have to say it’s a lot easier said than done!

So why do we put some much pressure on ourselves?

Give ‘Em What They Want To See

I found out many people don’t even like to watch videos. It’s a commitment! When people go to your site, are they watching your 10-minute video? It depends. Quality is what a lot of people look for and if it’s a talking head with the picture of their cat in the background… Guess what they’re paying attention to?!

Pay attention to me MEOW!
Pay attention to ME-OW!

Not everyone can afford a professional video team along with hair and makeup specialists like Marie Forleo. Now her videos really do rock! Her videos are very professional and beautifully done. However not everyone can afford that.

It really all depends on what your tribe/community/audience would like to see. Maybe they do like talking heads, maybe they are okay with background noise, maybe they are okay with the portrait of your cat above your head, maybe they like to check out your kitchen behind you to see if you have the latest model KitchenAid, maybe they won’t notice your hair out of place… I think you understand what I mean.

Maybe being in the video is not at all for you. Perhaps your sweet dulcet tones and a slide presentation is just what is needed to get your point across. I found that a person’s voice helps me feel connected to the person speaking in many cases, like talking to an old friend. I believe that’s why podcasting has been so powerful and popular.

No worries! There are other options for videoing when you have camera fear.TWEET THIS!

Budget-Friendly Options Where You Don’t Need To Be In Front Of The Camera

Screen Share

You can screen share with Screenflow, Screencast-O-Matic, or Camtasia just to name the most popular few. I personally use Screencast-O-Matic and it’s been great for screen share recordings. I can record my voice for my tutorials and I can add overlays for any notes I need to include. I do however add my intro and outro through iMovie for my tutorials to make them complete. A screen share provides all the information that you can provide in a demonstration on a computer screen. Providing the visual aid that people need with valuable steps along with a voice.

Here’s an example:

Voiceover on a Slide Presentation

You can create a slide presentation with your voice to explain the steps of a service or how to use a product. Sometimes a slide presentation can be just what your audience needs and the voice gives it a personal touch. You can create your slide presentation with Canva (transfer it over to iMovie as an image), PowerPoint, Keynote. Many people use this option for webinars.

Animated Video

Stay with me… when I first heard of the animated explainer video world I thought they would be cheesy. You might even say, “How could an animated video explain what my business can do?” It’s actually quite amazing what you can convey in your messaging.

Here’s a great Powtoon video:

The video is short and entertaining!

Another great site that I’ve actually used for clients is Wideo.

Here’s a Wideo I created for a client for his construction business.

It’s only 40 seconds, it provides details of the services, and where the services are provided.

That’s a Wrap! (At least I think that’s what they say in the movies.)

There you have 3 budget-friendly video ideas without being the center of attention but rather your services/products will be. If you are nervous to be in front of the camera, it’s okay! Not everyone is mediagenic, I know I’m not. I’m sure one or more of these options could work for your business as an entrepreneur. It’s all about testing and which works best for you.

Let me ask you – Have you tried any of these types of videos?

I’d love to hear from you. Please let me know in the comments and how your experiences have been with videos.

Take care,
Lillian De Jesus


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26 thoughts on “The 3 Video Marketing Tools That Will Help Ease The Fear Of Being On Camera

  1. Hi Lillian… I am definitely a fan of Canva since you and Monna introduced it to me. There are so many options with it. All three are great ideas, canva, the powtoon, and video for your blog or your business. Thanks for the presentations…just adds more value of what you can do with these.

  2. Hi Lillian, I am definitely a fan of Canva since you and Monna introduced me to it. There is so much that you can do with it. Thanks for the presentations, also. They are very helpful. All three of these options are great ideas for your blog or business.

  3. Hi Llilian,
    this are interesting programs ,I tried Powtoon and I did videos with Windows movie maker ,but would like to try your other suggestions as well.
    Thank you very much for your helpfull post .

  4. HI Lilian. great tips and yes I think I have done pretty much all of them. I agree if you feel nervous it can be a lot easier to just do a screen share. Someimtes you dont feel like getting on camera so there are all the other options to use as well.

  5. Hi Lillian,

    I use screenflow all the time. When I make presentations and/or trainings. I love it! Not being camera shy, because I do the intros of all my videos facing the camera, it does take a lot of work getting dressed, the camera angle right and the lighting.

    These different ways to do videos are great for me when I want to shoot out one sitting there in my Pj’s lol.

    People do like videos in our blogs. A two minute one can pump your blog up like crazy. Also videos are great to make digital products. So if one is camera shy, there are many alternatives and I thank you for posting them.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, doing a video can be a lot of work when you’re in the video. These are definitely options for PJ’s. LOL Ooh that could’ve been an alternative title!

      Take care,

  6. Love this post Lillian!!!

    I definitely need to add more videos to my blog, but as you mentioned, who has all of the resources needed to put up a nice video…
    The suggestions you share are very helpful- I’m definitely going to check out Wideo.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Lillian,

    You have so much great information to share and you do share is freely. I’m camera shy but coming out of it day by day. You gave some great advice and options.

    Also, congratulations on being the Winner of the PAC Insights Radio Show interview. Looking forward to the show with you and Lesly.

    Have a great week.

  8. Hi Lillian,

    I remember the first video I shot in front of the camera. It took me about 30 takes before I was okay with publishing it although it was still horrible. I was so nervous but over time that all easied up. I still stumble over myself even today. It’s just who I am so luckily my audience doesn’t seem to mind. It’s not too terribly bad.

    I do a lot of screenshot videos though because I enjoy teaching my readers things that they want to know how to do online.

    I’ve played around with the animated type but not done anything myself professionally.

    This is a great share and thanks for this. I’m sure it will be very helpful for those eager to get started with videos.


    1. Thanks Adrienne! I’m so glad you stopped by and pardon the appearance I’m in the middle of a site revision.

      I know exactly how you feel on 30 takes. haha! Been there before…

      Video has become so popular and I know I’m not alone with video shyness. There are alternatives that people can try!

      Take care,

  9. Hi Lillian, thanks for opening my mind to other ideas. I have been worried about the whole kitchen table video. They seem very popular, even with people with lots of followers, but I’m not so sure it looks good enough. I feel I need to get my voice out there though and have been offered the opportunity to do some pod casts, which I could create an slide video to go with maybe? So many options!

    1. Hi Caroline,

      I know I always wonder if the kitchen table look for me would be…right? It’s hard. There are so many ways you can set up a video scene but the question is, are you comfortable? Are you going to be able to set up the lighting and microphone that same way all the time? I know some people who have a set up in their closet. I suppose you have to start somewhere if you’re really passionate in getting your face out to the world. Podcasting is a magnificent marketing tool. Definitely give it a try! I heard the best thing to invest in is a good microphone for podcasting.

      Take care,

  10. Are we really scared of the camera? Or are we scared of what people make of us ? Do we feel self conscious ? Sure..Ask any women if she leaves the house without make up LOL Why do we feel the need to conform and do what everyone else does when infact all we need to be it ourselves. We are on camera over 100 times a day..We know about it.. yet we don’t react. Is ignorance Blind ? It’s not the camera we have an issue with in my opinion it’s how we feel about how other’s feel about us.


  11. Hi Lillian,

    Videos of ourselves is imperative to do. When I first learned that it would be better to have a video on my blog I was frozen. But it was important for business, so I took a 30 day video challenge and eventually got comfortable.

    I think it is wise to have a short video of ourselves ..even a 2 minute one in our blog posts from time to time. And give the CTA that it only is a short video. Works wonders for branding.

    Now I do videos for courses and so much more. I do use screenflow and keynote for presentations, but always start with a face video.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Great tips! I think it is very important to let people know of the amount of minutes they are about to watch.

      It’s so hard for many people to get used to being on camera but I completely understand how important it is for businesses.

      Thanks for sharing,

  12. These are great tips, Lillian.

    I’ve often suggested that clients use video to build their relationship with readers, subscribers and the like.

    There’s really nothing like video for building those relationships, and for branding yourself as a leader and authority in your niche.

    The problem is that so many people are “camera shy”. So you’ve given them 3 of the best alternatives available here.

    PS: I really like the Wideo tip. I wasn’t aware of that one. It can really help put together some very compelling animation videos on the fly. That’s especially nice for affiliate marketers who’d like to put their own landing page in front of the vendor sales page, in order to build a list while promoting affiliate products.

    Thanks for all the good advice, Lillian.

    1. Hi David,

      Videos are awesome for marketing however it’s hard for many people. Glad you like these suggestions!

      Take care,

  13. Hi Lillian, great demos here… I love the canva one, but the last one for the company is great also. These are great options. I do make some videos but am not comfortable doing so and it shows. I agree that Screencast-O-Matic is great for making video tutorials. Thanks for adding to the knowledge bank.

    1. Hi BG,

      I can’t believe I missed your comment!

      I’m glad you like these demos. You’ve done some videos and I think with more practice the better it gets. At least you’re doing video! It takes a lot of courage.

      Take care,

    1. Hey there Marianne!

      Me and you both! Being on-screen can be scary. Sometimes it’s easier to find other options to relate what you want to say live.

      Being able to use a voice along with a slideshow can turn out great.

      We all have to do videos in our own way.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Take care,

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