How to use 3 Top Marketing Tools for Business – podcast, blog, & video blog

3 Top Marketing ToolsIf you have a small business or non-profit and you’re looking to gain exposure online on the social media platforms your website is NOT enough. There is so much information online therefore you need a tool to help you stand out from the crowd. Share your knowledge with potential and new customers.

Here are the top 3 marketing tools for business:

  • Podcast
  • Blog
  • Video Blog (Vlog)

Before I start to describe the benefits of each tool, I want you to be aware that only one of these would be needed. It’s also best to have an editorial calendar to keep track of what, when, and where to post. There are a lot of apps out on the internet that you can use, it really all depends on your style. A Google calendar would work.

No matter which of the tools you choose, you’d have to post them somewhere and that’s when a website is best.  I recommend WordPress. or – WordPress is FREE and fairly easy to use. The difference between .com and .org is all about functionality.  If you want to use javascript and have landing pages and pop-up plug-ins then, is what you’re looking for. is basic and you can’t use javascript thus limiting your functionality. There are pros and cons to both.  Ultimately these provide a platform that you can use for any of the marketing tools.


What’s that?  A podcast is audio only.  It’s almost like creating your own radio show of all your knowledge and people listen. Podcasts are HUGE!  Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults listen to podcasts at least occasionally.  Podcasting isn’t for everyone however if you like to talk about how you can help others it’ll work for you. Natalie Eckdahl, CEO and Host of BizChix will release her 100th episode and she had a fan that listened to her for 30 episodes straight, about 20-30 hours.  I mean people have their ear buds in most of the day and it’s easy to go to iTunes on their smartphone and GO.  They can listen to you while they exercise, go shopping, commuting, pay bills, etc.

Here are a few links to get started with Podcasts:


If you like to write about your business then blogging could work for you. There are more than 152,000,000 blogs on the internet (Check out the infographic below).  It’s a noisy world and if you want to start a blog by all means do so however the content must be GOOD. Your copy should be really well written and provide valuable information. Your blog could be a tab on your website and if written well with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can have more viewers and potentially more customers.


Here are some links on awesome blogging tips:

  • Michael Hyatt – YEP!  He was on the podcasting list too. What can I say… he’s a busy SMART man that knows leadership and business.
  • BasicBlogTips – They have a tremendous amount of tips.
  • Socially Sorted – Donna Moritz has incredible resources.
  • Copyblogger – Provides seminars, webinars, and useful tips on their blog on how to write.
  • Nikki Elledge-Brown – She’s a Communication Stylist. She shows you how to write in YOUR OWN voice. She has a great video on how to write copy for your About page. It’s really good. Check her out, her Course About Copy sounds awesome.

Video Blog (Vlog)

Video blogging can be scary for some people and it can be if you’re not into recording yourself. It can be weird. I have never done a vlog and of course I have thought of it but then I think I’ll stick safely behind my blog. I do video tutorials with my face appearing for a few minutes then disappearing into my screencast. For me, that’s easier than speaking into a camera the whole entire time. It definitely takes practice. If you feel comfortable doing that then it’s an awesome way to market your business. You record and post your video on your blog published with YouTube.

YouTube and Google are together now so every time you publish a video, it links to your Google+ page. By the way, if you have a business you better have a Google+ page.  Here’s the explanation on the importance of Google+.  When you have YouTube videos and as people comment it posts right onto your Google+ stream. That gives you business exposure!

Here are some links about Vlogs:

  • Social Triggers – Derek Halpern is AWESOME!  He actually does all 3 tools, however in my personal opinion his videos are best.  Do your business a favor and check him out.
  • Savvy Sexy Social – Amy Schmittauer is the vlogging social media queen all about marketing. She’s definitely on YouTube.
  • Social Media Examiner – Provides LOTS of business marketing information. I have learned so much from them. Great content!

I know this is information OVERLOAD!  If you have a business or non-profit, you really have to think about what’s best to display your services, products, and causes.

What’s your comfort level? Can you do a video blog and be comfortable?

Which of these marketing tools would you use or are using?

Tell me about it.  I’d love to hear your experience

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


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21 thoughts on “How to use 3 Top Marketing Tools for Business – podcast, blog, & video blog

  1. Lots of great resources here and links to explore. Thanks for all this great information. I prefer video and have a youtube channel, but often resort to text blogging because with that I don’t have to look my best!

    1. Know what you mean Mary. When I do videos, I can’t just stay in my comfy warm clothes. I have to change to look a bit more presentable……

  2. Lillian, thanks for the tips. I have a blog and am looking at doing Google+ hangouts that will be recorded for you tube. Lots of great info here. I had forgotten about podcasts……..good option.

  3. Pod casts are not an avenue that i have really though about but i guess there is not much difference between that an a video, im guessing google would prefer a video for seo but you could make it a video without any images just have a still regards Dexter

  4. Thank you for including me! Podcasts can actually work for SEO as long as you have a well done show notes page. That way you’re able to take advantage of the keyword SEO power but also make it available via audio.

    That’s why a lot of shows publish their show transcription completely.

    1. Aha! That’s the trick. Thanks for letting me know. I was so curious about that. I recently joined your G+ group! I can’t wait to learn more. I’d like to add some podcasting along with my blog eventually. THANK YOU!

  5. With text it’s easy to go back over information you want to review and remember. You can take notes with copy and paste and copy links for later use. With video and podcasts I feel I’m going back in time having to have a pen and paper ready to write things down by hand. For important info I then have to decipher my handwriting and type it up into my record keeping system.

    I agree with Stacey about show notes – apart from the SEO advantages its easier to skim notes later and record important points.

  6. I have no experience in Podcasts (Honestly). As a Businessman, i consider to have a video about my company. Once the video is done. I post it on my YouTube channels, Facebook and Blogs. Having a video means that i’m a trusted company and honest. I gain more customers by doing this process.

    1. Hi there,

      I’m glad that videos are working for you and they certainly help gain the Know, Like, and Trust factor.

      Take care,

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