How to Create Canva Presentations for SlideShare [Video]

How to Create Canva Presentations for SlideShareSlideShare has become an important visual content marketing tool for any business. It’s important due to it’s association with LinkedIn and for all business professionals it is a must have to represent your skills and talent online.

The SlideShare presentations can be linked to your LinkedIn profile for public viewing. It’s an added measure to your business profile therefore it has got to be good.

Now SlideShare presentations are different from PowerPoint and Keynote presentations since there is no animation, transitions, or sound on SlideShare. It’s pure content… therefore it has to display your business content with images, photos, bold text, and color.

Here I have a video demonstration on how to create Canva presentations for SlideShare:

You’ll be surprised with the beautiful images you can create in Canva for each slide. Then you can download your presentation as a PDF to upload straight away to SlideShare.

If the presentation has a lot of slides (more than 15 slides), then the upload can take a good 30 minutes.

Another tip: Don’t use bullet points in your presentation! Use the bullet point topics to display per slide. If you have 5 bullet points then create 5 separate slides.

Like Seth Godin says, “Bullets are for the NRA.” Check out Seth Godin’s post about bad presentations HERE. He always has great content.

Here’s my favorite SlideShare presenter: Damon Nofar

Check out the way he uses color and typography – amazingly beautiful!

Best wishes to you on your next SlideShare. Let me know what your thoughts are on the video. I’d love to hear from you.

 “Content is King they say BUT Visual Content is Queen. They complement each other for a good balanced marriage.” – TWEET THIS!

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Lillian De Jesus


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Here’s what Jane Guyn, Founder of Pleasure Plan had to say about her one-on-one session, “I appreciated your help very much.  xoxo Thank you for your help with the Canva/Powerpoint interface. :)”



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14 thoughts on “How to Create Canva Presentations for SlideShare [Video]

  1. You seem to be able to use this Canva system for a variety of things because you have multiple posts about it within your blog. I am glad to see that you can use something that is user friendly and effective. I could see how a system like this could be very valuable in the long run as you grow and advance your business. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. I think I am going to have to look at this.. Maybe it might make things a bit easier for me and free up my time.. we should talk sometimes so I can get my head around it.


  3. Hello Dear!

    What a great article, I wasn’t even planning to make a slideshare presentation. This is going to be a great resource for anyone to go though before, during and after making their presentation. Links perfectly with the slide you actually made.

    Cheers Buddy! 🙂

  4. Hi Lillian,

    I too am a Canva user and have found it useful. But, I never explored the option of creating a PDF and uploading to SlideShare as a ppt.

    This is awesome! I’m sure your site will be very useful for me.



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