4 Easy Tips To Do The Best Organizational Charts

4 Easy Tips to do the Best Org Charts

Do you despise organizational charts?  How many times do you have to change it in a year?  It’s inevitable when you have a business or non-profit organization; the organizational chart is needed.

The organizational chart is the hierarchy representation of your business or organization.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  I know about the changes and all the information you want to include.  BUT the more information and details you include the harder the org chart becomes to read and follow.

Here are 4 Tips for a Better Organizational Chart:

  1. Use the best software for your business/organization.

Here a few to keep in mind:

Microsoft Visio
Diagram/flowchart software, if you have the money in the budget and you have a lot of org charts to work off of then this may be best for you.  You can do really nice looking charts.

However if you have Microsoft Office then use what you have. Make it easy!  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

“Simple is often best.”

Microsoft Office
(Version 2007 or later*) – Word or PowerPoint will allow you to use the SmartArt Graphic. The SmartArt Graphic can be easy to use with different types of charts to choose from.  The graphics are appealing and can be easily changed for the future.  No need to create boxes and re-size. YES!

*If your business or organization does not use a more recent version of Microsoft Office you really should put the money into budget.

Gliffy is an online program made for org charts and you can collaborate with others on your staff.  It can be then saved as a jpg and the changes can be saved.  There is a free version, which allows up to 5 diagrams.

“Nothing is worse when you don’t have the proper tools to do a job.” Tweet this!

  1. Make it clear & simple.

Have a position title chart as your original.  If you want a chart with titles & names, it can get a little distracting and may become illegible.  Handle the chart with care.  When you have too many details it can be overwhelming.

  1. No paragraphs, bullets, or number lists in a box.

Seriously, if you’re organization has to list bullets or numbers to explain what committee or position is entailed in the box; you’re making it hard on yourself.  They need to be in separate hierarchy boxes or eliminated altogether.  Do NOT list them in a list form in the box.  Give them separate boxes or it may not be necessary to have the extra boxes.

Here’s an example:

Do NOT do this.
Do NOT do this!
Do this!
Do this!


  1. Update your bylaws, rules, or policies to reflect the business/organization changes.

This is exactly why you don’t need the details on the org chart.  You will need to include all details in your bylaws, rules, or policies whatever you may call the document you use to explain the positions and responsibilities.

Wishing you well on all your org chart needs!  Let me know if you have any other tips in mind or your pain points in getting them done.

I’d love to hear from you.

Also if you need some one-on-one help, contact me and I can help you make the org chart from frustrating to as easy as pie.

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


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5 thoughts on “4 Easy Tips To Do The Best Organizational Charts

  1. I’ve noticed that you’ve mentioned Visio as a tool to draw org charts. Visio is expensive and probably not a justifiable expense just to draw a org chart. We also have a web based org chart software which you can use for free.
    We have many professionally designed templates to get started fast and a very intuitive interface that makes it super easy to draw org charts. On top of that just like Visio you can create many other diagram types. Do give us a try and consider adding us as a tool.

    1. Hi Nishadha,

      Thanks for the tip on Creately! I’ll definitely check it out.

      Thank you,

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