How to Use Networking & Social Sites to Get Your Blog Viral.2Here we are to Part 2 of this series and if you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Part 1 please read about it. There are many tools and social sites to get the word out about your blog that I had to split this post into 2 parts.

Let’s continue shall we…

Pinterest – For the creative business types like fashion and food bloggers, Pinterest is a great platform. Every time you post on your blog, create an image that’s best for Pinterest (Canva does have a Pinterest template). Pin your blog post to a board just for your business. There aren’t groups or communities however they now implemented a messaging integration. You can message people regarding particular pins. You can find boards that may be of interest to you specifically to your business with PinGroupie. Now you’ll be able to chat with other board members regarding pins. If you’re looking to follow some interesting people and promote your pins, which include your blog posts, you can use Viralwoot. To track your Pinterest activity, you can use Tailwind.

Twitter – For people who like to chit-chat, you can post your blog and retweet other posts. Reply to tweets to engage in conversation. If you really want to use Twitter to full advantage, lists are important to find the people you really want to follow. Here’s an awesome list of Twitter resources.

Instagram – It’s been huge for small businesses, don’t believe me check out the story here. It talks about a hair stylist getting customers from Instagram by posting her before and after photos. If you’re able to display your service or product with just a click of your smartphone, why not! Go for it.

CoPromote – Integrated with WordPress, every time you publish your blog there is an option to go to CoPromote where you can promote your blog as long as you share someone else’s blog. You can narrow down the categories to ensure it’s related to your blog and when you share their promotion it could possibly help your audience. It’s a neat idea and I have used it.

Alltop – A great source of articles where all the top articles are listed. You will need to complete a submission form to get your blog feed on Alltop. It’s almost a personal magazine rack where you can place all your favorite feeds in one spot.

Social Buzz Club – This is an awesome resource of articles that you can share via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ in return people will share your BUZZ. They have an affiliate program as well which I am a part of and I think it’s all worth it. Great buzz there!

Viral Content Buzz – Here’s an in-depth article on it. It’s new to me but it seems very similar to Social Buzz Club however it allows you to use more Twitter accounts, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. Check it out.

Tackk – I’ve talked about Tackk before on how it can be used to sell products/services or post blogs. You can create a beautiful page with a quick blurb about your new blog post and lead them to my full blog.

Okay I gave what resources and tools that you can use to promote your business blog. Using the social media platforms as I explained does impact your rankings however it works indirectly read about that here. You will also need to use keyword search for SEO, most popular is Google Keyword Planner. This will help you place the right words for your content ideas into your post for higher ranking on the search engines.

No matter what tools you use the key is time. The older your blog is the better. Don’t expect results right away. Read about a case study here. In due time, you’ll receive so many daily visits to your blog you’ll wonder if you need help to run your business. Maybe a virtual assistant… haha Yes, yes I did add that in there.

Let me know if you tried using any of these tools and/or sites. I’d love to hear from you.

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


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  1. Just when you thought you’d seen it all you run into another blog with tons of awesome resources. Never heard of any of these and eager to find out more now! Thanks Lillian!

  2. Hey Lillian,
    Thanks so much for all these tips. Great info. The only problem is I don’t know where to begin!


    1. Hi Kathleen,

      It can be overwhelming to have so many tools. You just have to pick and choose to see what will work for you. I’m glad you like the tips. I have more coming… I think there is one in particular that you will especially like. Hint: It’s for bloggers!

      Take care,

  3. Lillian,
    As you just said to Kathleen, it can certainly be overwhelming having so many tools and sites to focus on. Also, if you post your blog on those sharing sites, you must do your part and share their blogs. That requires taking the time to go to their web site, read their blog and then share it. There is only so much any one of us can do, so we have to pick and choose. I have been pinning a lot on Pinterest so I have so many followers that I have not yet responded to. Same with twitter. But on the other hand, it can be so much fun to connect with others in different ways on each of the different sites. What happens on Pinterest is certainly different from Twitter. I share a Rainbow site with someone and that has brought both of us so much pleasure – a little break from our individuals businesses.

    Dr. Erica

    1. Hello Dr. Erika,

      That sounds wonderful that you share a site with someone. Yes, there are so many tools and sites to work off of however it is always best to focus on one or two. I’m glad to hear you’re on Pinterest. It can be fun.

      Take care,

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