23 Small Business Marketing Tools

23 Small Business Marketing ToolsMany small business owners look for advice on so many aspects of business. What do you do for this? What do you do for that? Well that’s when I love to provide information in a helpful way in providing the tools that I frequently use in a list. Everything is in one area and ready for bookmarking. Here we go from my virtual assistant toolbox to your small business.


1. Kindle Publishing for Blogs – This is another way you can get your blog noticed and monetized. Daniel Hill provides a great tutorial here.

2. Google Keyword Planner – SEO keyword search

3. HitTail – SEO keyword search which connects with your website’s Google analytics (Review coming soon!)

4. WordPress.comWordPress.org – One of the best website platforms and I never had a problem with it. Either one has pros & cons.


5. Social Buzz Club – Awesome place to find quality articles to share on social media and submit your own buzz that they can share.

6. Viral Content Buzz – Great place to share articles on social media including Pinterest.


7. Freshbooks – Cloud accounting with integration with PayPal.


8. Microsoft Office – LOVE Word, it’s what I’ve always used. When I got my Macbook, I had to get it. Especially since I am a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

9. Google Calendar – I do all my calendaring with it.


10. BlogPhoto.tv – This is an awesome site with extremely beautiful photography. You get photos directly to your inbox.

11. Freerangestock – Excellent site and they allow you to use photos without credit.

12. Pixabay – Great source of excellent photos.


13. Asana – Project management tool that works great to get everyone on the same page. You can easily see what others are doing on the team. Assign a task, comment, calendar, and more.


14. Canva – The best image design tool for social media posts, blog graphics, book covers, presentations, and MORE. Stay tuned an e-book and video series will be coming soon on how to use Canva for business. Woohoo!

15. Jing – I cannot live without this tool. Okay maybe that’s taking it a bit far but I do love it for screenshots for my blog.

16. Screencast-O-Matic – It’s great for tutorials, gifs, YouTube, and more.


17. Buffer – Schedule posting to various social media platforms such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They provide awesome suggested articles to share.

18. Nutshell Mail – Monitor, reply, and tweet on this service quite easily. It also lets you know of unfollows.

19. Pingroupie – A Pinterest directory to find groups in your niche. Once you find a group that interests you can post to the group and the pinning begins.

20. Postplanner – Facebook marketing app, which is pretty awesome. It has a great tutorial to get you started right away. There are many options for scheduling posts such as: quotes, questions, and photos.

21. Swayy – Schedule posting with a variety of news to share depending on your community.

22. Viralwoot – This is for Pinterest users and it’s great for promoting your pins. It’s been great in getting more repins and likes.


23. Zoom – More reliable than Skype with very clear reception.

Now there you have it! Plenty of resources to use for your small business from your website to blogging to social media to everything in between. Enjoy!

What are some tools that make your business easier?

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus

*Disclaimer – There are some affiliate links within this post. I am only an affiliate with services that are awesome and that I think truly benefit others.


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20 thoughts on “23 Small Business Marketing Tools

  1. Lillian, this is a FANTASTIC list! There are several resources listed here that I’ve never heard of. I’m excited to look into HitTail and start using freerangestock.

    Thank you for putting together such an incredible and usable list!!

  2. Hey great post, Canva has been a great find for me, I love how easily it is to create creative images and more, I did use buffer for a week or so, but just fount using FB schedule post worked fine for me, as I have my twitter also connected, so it posts to both platforms

    1. Glad you like the post! I absolutely LOVE Canva. You’ll see a post today on it – I just published a book for business. Woohoo! Anyway there are so many tools you can use, you just have to find the ones that work best for you. I’ll have to give the FB schedule a try.

      Take care!

  3. I liked this blog post! There are some great tips for those who are just getting started in the business world and there are also some tips for those who have been at it for a while and want to step their games up to the next level. Thank you for sharing and I will look into a few of the tips you have provided!

  4. I am not sure whether or not my other comment posted, but this post was great. It provided tips for those who are new to our type of business and also some tips for those who have been in the business a while and want to take it to the next level. Thank you for sharing!

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