The Importance of Google+ for Small Businesses Part 2

If you have a small business you MUST have a Google+ page for your customers.  Especially if you have a brick & mortar business, a Google Local page is needed.

Hopefully you have taken a peek at the first part of The Importance of Google+ for Small Businesses.  If not, here it is for all the set-up instructions and tips.

Importance of G+ Part 2

If you’ve set-up your Google+ page and you’re on the Google map, that’s awesome!  You’re headed in the right direction.

OK… so you have this page, now what?

These are the values of having a Google+ page:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – which means you want people to find your business on the first page of an internet search.

What do people say when they want to find a service?

Let me GOOGLE it!

  • Reviews can be viewed – When you have 5 reviews or more it will show your rating (ratings are shown as 1 – 5 stars).
  • Photos (show off your fantastic products).
  • If you don’t have a website yet, it’s a good idea to get your Google+ page set-up first to have your business hours, address, & phone number listed.
  • You’re on the MAP! People can easily get directions to your business.
  • You can have other reviews you have on the web listed on your page.
  • Customers create a Google event from your page to invite their friends to meet them at your business.

Google+ can definitely help customers find YOU.

Take a look at this example below when I searched for a bakery near South Bend, Indiana.

bakery near south bend

As you can see, there are multiple listings with ratings to look at.  I chose the first listed, which was Indulgence Pastry Shop & Café.


Note: I have no affiliation with this business, this was an absolute random pick.

Check out all the information it’s given me in this little snapshot.

indulgence close up








Now let’s go to the actual Google+ page.

Indulgence google+
The Google+ page gives me the map, contact information, and review summary. There is another tab for Photos, let’s take a look.

Bakery photos
Nice photos!


Going back to the About tab, you can scroll down to the reviews as shown below.


Reviews are really important.  You can use them as feedback on what to improve and know what’s liked best with your business.



BIG question – How do you get customers to review your business?

Ask them!  If you talk with them and they seem to like your products or services, ask if they’d be willing to write a review.

Do you think that’ll be too much to ask and maybe time consuming for them?

It’s really not, especially if they LOVE your stuff.  People go out of their way to get the word out on something good.  You can help them along to getting those reviews posted.

Here’s a GOOGLE LOCAL PAGE REVIEW TEMPLATE you can give customers when they purchase your product or service.  You can customize it with your logo and company information and print it out onto cardstock.  There’s two postcards on one page and there is a line for cutting.

If you email your customers and would like an email template, type in your email below.  I’ll email it to you for FREE.  I won’t give out your email to anyone or spam you.

Always keep your customers/clients as your top priority and provide EXCELLENT customer service.  Here are my Top 10 Customer Service Tips as a reminder.  Let them know their feedback is priceless.

One thing I must say is NEVER tell them to put out a review for a favor of a discount or free product. That’s not cool and it’s not good business.

I hope this helps in using your local Google+ page for your business. If you have one set-up, how has it been for you?  Easy or hard?


Lillian De Jesus






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