How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Canva

Hello Canva Friends! I’ve created presentations in Canva many times and I always had to convert it into a PowerPoint deck. I have to say it was a tedious task but Canva has finally listened to several requests on creating a presentation in Canva and publish it as a Powerpoint presentation. It’s one of those requests that I waited on for so long! Five years to be exact. I created a YouTube video at that time and I had many comments so I know I wasn’t the only one with this struggle.

Then not too long ago, I was checking something out on Canva for a presentation and lo and behold the publish option was there in all its glory.

YES! You can publish your presentation in Canva directly into a PowerPoint deck. How amazing is that?!

Create Presentations in Canva

Creating presentations in Canva is super easy because they have done all the hard work in designing templates for you for different topics. When you log into your Canva account. You’ll see the screen below. The fastest way to get to a presentation canvas is by searching for the one you’d like to start creating with.

The first option is the typical presentation style 16:9 widescreen size. When you choose your option, you’ll find numerous designs to choose from. It goes on forever it seems! If you click on the three dots on the top right hand side of a design, it’ll open up to a preview as shown below.

It’ll display the various slides that come with the design. If you see some you don’t like don’t worry, you can delete what you don’t want. You can also change out any of the elements, colors, and text.

Creating Presentations in Canva is Easy

I don’t know what other platform that helps users create presentations with such ease. Canva has really stepped up with making it efficient for presenters with beautiful design options and various publishing options. If you don’t use PowerPoint, no worries! You can present directly from Canva or download as a PDF. Will you try Canva for presentations? Let me know in the comments!


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40 thoughts on “How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Canva

  1. Found this when I looked for Canva preso setup. I’ve tried this today, and it worked. Very happy with the result, thanks for your blogpost. Love it!

  2. Great post thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information with us all. As we all know that a good presentation puts a long lasting impression on the clients or people you’re trying to interact with. Your detailed procedure will help in designing a great PPT and put up a long lasting impression. Nice work keep it up.

  3. Hi Lillian Ma’am,
    wonderful information I loved it ❤, It saves me time. I hope you post more and more content in the future.
    For sharing with us.

  4. Wow! This is going to save me so much time. I love Canva and am quite good at creating basically anything I need to get done. But I’m absolutely horrible at Powerpoint. Thank you so much for explaining this feature. It’s going to save me from relearning something that I (between you and me and not my boss) have NO interest in learning. 😀 Thanks again, Chris Swain, Cincinnati, Ohio.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us, I have recently started using canva but I only used it for creating banners, blog images and social media posts, I had no idea we could use it to make a presentation.

  6. Hey Lillian De Jesus,

    Aadarsh this side. It is my first time commenting on your blog page and am glad to say that you have shared an excellent content providing great tips to create presentation using Canva. I really appreciate the ay you have explained and presented things that are so true to understand.

    Yes Canva is really an mazing tool that allows its user for creating high quality images, thumbnails, poster, banner, photo-collage images and presentation. It is really easy to use and offer helpful features.

    After reading this complete guide am sure that this post will surely help lots of people & readers.

    Very useful and keep sharing more similar post.


  7. Found this when I looked for Canva preso setup. I’ve tried this today, and it worked. Very happy with the result, thanks for your blogpost. Love it!

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