Create Your Own Animated Holiday Invitations with Canva

Ready to create your own animated holiday invitations with Canva?! It’s super fun, easy, and will wow your holiday guests. It’s an easy way to send save-the-date invites via email as a GIF.

Below is an example of the GIF I created in Canva, which was created in three minutes. Don’t believe me? Watch the recorded tutorial further down in this post.

The animated GIF was created with Canva’s already made animated text and snow. I used an existing template that was red and deleted the text to add Happy Holidays. I searched for snow and voila an instant holiday card. I used two pages to transition a cover to the body of the invite. You can change the speed of the animation by clicking on the speed in seconds. This particular GIF is set at 6 seconds.

In order to use the animated invite via email, you must download it as a GIF. Canva will default it to an MP4, be sure to make sure to change it to GIF. Insert the image directly into the body of your email. You may have to adjust the size to bring it down to size.

Here’s the quick step-by-step tutorial:

You’re all set! All you need is Canva to create an amazing electronic invite for the holidays. I hope your invitation turns out terrific!


Published by Lillian De Jesus

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