5 Effective Ways to Build Your Brand With Visual Marketing

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5 Effective Ways to Build Your Brand With Visual Marketing via tigerlilyva.com

When you meet someone for the first time, isn’t it nice to have a great first impression, especially for business? You’re properly dressed and your hair is in place, not like an online business where you don’t have to worry about your “look” or impression. Pajamas all day, hair is an awful mess, possible shower in the morning… WRONG!

Even with an online business, a person must look the part and have the voice they represent on their blog. It makes a world of difference. I had a chat with someone asking if it was important to me to have a polished brand and what aspects of the business should be considered. Those were some great questions for any online entrepreneur. Many people think they can throw a website together, a few social media platforms, and use their personal email account to get their business in order. Really? It’s so much more than that.

The main question is – what is a person’s impression of your online business? When they visit your website, your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook… What will be their first impression?

It has really got me thinking and it should get YOU thinking as well. I’ve decided to discuss 5 ways to build your brand with visual marketing and how simply making some changes can help your business.

5 Ways to Build Your Brand With Visual Marketing

I’ll start with the obvious to the little parts of a biz that many people don’t think really matter..

1) Website

Ok this is a give-in, right?! People tend to ask when you first start an online business, “What’s your website?” Of course! How you present yourself on your website will be critical.  The aesthetics of a site does impact a potential client’s purchase.

Here’s a short list of what impacts your website visually along with a few examples:

  • The Header
julie harris design header
Isn’t it dreamy? Makes you want to work with her, right?! This is Julie Harris from julieharrisdesign.com.
  • headshot photo
  • greeting on your blog

    marianne manthey design your own blog greeting
    Great headshot and greeting from Marianne Manthey at designyourownblog.com. Isn’t she friendly and inviting?
  • sidebar
  • logo
  • about page


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All of these elements on a website need to be taken care of with extreme care and consistency.



This is where you need to evaluate your branding and if you don’t have that altogether for your business, then make it happen now! Here are a couple of resources that have helped me tremendously – Julie Harris Design and Vidaluxe Studio. Remember to convey the emotion you want felt when people arrive on your site.

2) Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms are a great opportunity to show off your branding. Your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ all have cover space to display your unique branding. I especially like Pauline Cabrera’s Twitter cover. She always keeps it fresh and she does a great job with her branding along with a Call To Action (CTA).

Pauline Cabrera Twitter Header
Pauline Cabrera from Twelveskip.com does an awesome job of showing off her branding.


You can keep it fresh and easy with Canva to update all your needed platforms. They’ve made it even more easier with their Canva for Work feature.

Check out how you can use Canva with my Canva Course for Business!

3) Email Marketing

When you have the opportunity to connect with a prospective client via email, you must make the best impression. If you use an email marketing platform such as: MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, etc there are so many visual aspects to create your business brand stand out. You can definitely create and build your business with visual marketing with an email list. If you haven’t seen the post from my friend, Kirsten Thompson, from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace she explains 5 Ways to Create Visually Appealing Newsletters {and Why It Matters}.

You may also have those inquiries you receive from your website about your programs and services. The email address you have to respond to the inquiry makes a difference in how the person may think of you and your business. Use a personalized email address to match your web domain. It looks more professional rather than hotmama123 at yahoo. When using your email account, fancy up your signature line with a photo and social media links. It can easily be done with Wisestamp.

Lillian De Jesus Email Signature
Use an email signature that’s visually appealing with Wisestamp.com.

4) Contracts

Once you do have your prospect wanting your services, getting the contract can be tedious and boring however you can get people excited to work with you by using your logo, a welcome letter, along with your social media profile information. The look of your contract can make or break a deal. This is where a client can see how well you work, how you organize, and how you’d like to represent yourself. This all matters!

I personally use 17Hats to send contracts and other documents to my clients. I feel it demonstrates professionalism and detail. It also helps organize my workflow. I include my logo on everything to keep my branding consistent with all the documents I send out.

5) Invoices

I also use 17Hats for my invoices for my clients and again I include my logo to keep a professional look. Many of my colleagues use FreshBooks, that’s an accounting and invoicing platform that many online entrepreneurs use to keep a professional branded look.

Some people may think invoices don’t really matter for branding however this is one of the first or last things the client sees. Keep the branding consistent throughout the entire workflow process.

Building your brand takes a bit of effort but it’s worth it

There you have it! It’s not hard but these 5 ways to build your brand for visual marketing can make such an incredible impact to your bottom line. By taking these steps, your providing your clients and potential clients the warm fuzzy feeling they should get when working with you. Make them feel welcome with your website, provide great resources with your emails. and maintain a proper relationship with poise with great looking contracts and invoices. The first impression will help you gain clients and building your brand will help keep the relationships you are looking for.

A couple of questions for you:

  • Are there any other visual marketing aspects that I’ve missed?
  • Do you use anything in particular that helps you stand out for your biz?

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus blog signature



Disclaimer: The 17Hats is an affiliate link and I only use affiliate links to services that I think are of incredible value.


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16 thoughts on “5 Effective Ways to Build Your Brand With Visual Marketing

    1. Hi Sandy,

      I’m so glad you liked this post Sandy! The little details do add up.

      Take care,

  1. Thanks so much Lillian. Great tips for keeping it professional.
    I am looking at 17Hats. Would be great for using with clients.

    Thanks for the examples of great businesses, – header etc.
    Will have a search of those pages you mentioned.

    Great stuff Lillian! You Rock!

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      So glad to see you! 17Hats is really incredible to organize your clients and workflow.

      Take care,

    1. Definitely check out 17Hats Carla! You might be surprised with all that’s included and it’s user interface is so nice to work with.

      Take care,

  2. Hi Lillian,

    When it comes to visual marketing, you are the gal I love to follow. Your knowledge and expertise in this niche is something I do rely on to learn.

    I find that Pauline is an amazing example you bring to the table here because of her branding and CTA.

    I use Canva all the time for social media and am always getting great tips from you. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Aww! Thanks so much for the lovely compliment.

      I agree on Pauline! She’s such a great example of excellent visual marketing.

      You know Canva is always a winner in getting designs done!

      Take care,

  3. Hi Lillian,

    Great advice. I was just in a conversation with a friend about learning the details of running a business, whether offline or online. So these tips have come for me at exactly the right time.

    Thanks so much for all you do. 🙂

    1. HI Monna,

      I’m so glad to hear these tips have come at the perfect time for you.

      Take care friend,

    1. Hey there Dexter,

      I’m so happy you find this post useful and that the blog is visually appealing.

      That makes my day!


  4. Hi Lillian,

    I’d never heard of 17Hats before — or some of the others you linked to! I haven’t really needed them before, but I’m glad to learn of them for possible future use. I always learn so much from your informative posts.

    1. Hi Willena,

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I’m happy that you’ve learned something new.

      Take care,

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