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Learn how to connect with your community using Canva

Get the personable Canva training you’ve wanted!

Visual marketing can help you connect with your community in an EPIC way.
Learn how Canva can be one of the BEST visual marketing tools for your business.

Packages for every need!

Video Training


  • Comprehensive Videos
  • Google+ Community Support

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Awesome Training


  • Comprehensive Videos
  • Google + Community Support
  • 1 – 60 Minute Skype 1-1 Session

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Encore Training


  • Comprehensive Videos
  • Google+ Community Support
  • 3 – 60 Minute Skype 1-1 Sessions
  • BONUS Module

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module 4

What’s so special about this Canva Course?

Will the Canva Course help me for my coaching business?

Absolutely! If you’re a coach (business, health & nutrition, life, etc) or a solopreneur this will be amazing for you. You’ll learn how to connect with your community with graphics through social media, your blog, webinars, and free gift offerings. You can do so much with Canva to help promote your business and offer value to your audience.

What’s the difference between this and getting tutorials straight from Canva?

I provide personable teaching that encourages you to be creative and have fun while creating. It’s so much easier to learn something when you know there is someone who wants to see you succeed and who will be available to talk. I go in depth with branding for blogging, presentations, and the variety of ways you can repurpose your content.

What about the changes Canva will soon have?

Canva is so awesome that they will continually optimize their app and there will be many changes. I will update and add more videos as new features are rolled out by Canva.

How long do I have access for?

One year. I want to be sure all content is fresh and relevant.

Is the course refundable?

No. Here’s why… I’m confident that this course will be of value to you. This is a digital and downloadable course therefore there would be no way for you to return the content.

What’s included with the Skype session?

The Skype 1-1 session will help answer any questions you may have live with a screencast.

Lillian De Jesus

Meet the Instructor

Hey there!

I’m Lillian De Jesus and I’m a Visual Marketing junkie, especially crazy in love with Canva! I love teaching about Canva and what it can do for businesses.

It is my true purpose to help others with inspiring and encouraging teaching. It brings me so much joy to see entrepreneurs succeed in their business using visual marketing.

When I found Canva for my business, it really turned my business around and increased exposure to my business more than I could’ve dreamed of. I’m not Photoshop inclined and I didn’t have the money to hire a graphic designer to help me with my social media graphics. I knew something had to be done and quick! Canva truly came into my world at just the right time. I really don’t know how I can do business without Canva. I use it on a daily basis. I know how important visual marketing is and I know Canva can help you with your business as well.

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Are you ready to connect with your community using Canva?

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