Time to Kick Off the New Year with Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t something that comes to you, you have to find and achieve it. This year I’m starting things off with inspiration, and success! In quote form, of course, but I also want these quotes to mean something. I want them to motivate you (and me) this year. Let’s go! Kick off the New YearContinue reading “Time to Kick Off the New Year with Inspiration”


4 Elements To Make Blogging For Business Successful

Blogging for business can be difficult and many entrepreneurs aren’t sure what to blog about and if they should blog. I’m here to tell you blogging is an amazing asset to a business. It amazes me when people all over the world contact me or comment on my blog about a specific article. In manyContinue reading “4 Elements To Make Blogging For Business Successful”

A Beginner’s Guide To Share As Image – A Quote Image Tool

With any great social media strategy, images play an important role. The images may evoke emotion through: humor, motivation, inspiration and positivity. With any niche, the images are there to provide a source of trust and knowledge. The goal is to have the image resonate with your audience or tribe. Of course you’d want toContinue reading “A Beginner’s Guide To Share As Image – A Quote Image Tool”