Is Canva for Work for the Entrepreneur?

Canva has launched their Canva for Work premium feature! That means Canva has made it even more easy to create beautiful designs with less effort. Many people question if Canva for Work is good for them as an entrepreneur or solopreneur. This is where I give the details of my experience using Canva for Work.Continue reading “Is Canva for Work for the Entrepreneur?”

Podcasting? Don’t Miss These Visual Marketing Must-Haves

Could podcasting be the new visual marketing for businesses? I know… you’re wondering if you’ve read that correctly. Podcasting and visual marketing, could they really work together? Absolutely! Podcasting has taken over as a huge marketing strategy and the percentage of Americans who have listened to a podcast in 2014 to 2015 has almost doubled,Continue reading “Podcasting? Don’t Miss These Visual Marketing Must-Haves”

How to Boost Your Visual Marketing with the Canva Course for Business

There are 2.4 Million users in Canva at the moment and it will only increase. Who are the users? You, me, and a boatload (really big boats) of entrepreneurs trying to make an impression with their audience. Canva has awesome 3 step tutorials, they have a course on, and they have YouTube video tutorials…Continue reading “How to Boost Your Visual Marketing with the Canva Course for Business”

Creating A Blog Title Image Using Canva With 6 Easy Steps (For YOUR Brand)

No need for a graphic designer to create a blog title image meant just for you. All you need is creativity, a couple of branding resources, and Canva (an amazing graphic design app for the “non-designer”). That’s right! If you didn’t get a chance to find out the BIGGEST reason to have a blog titleContinue reading “Creating A Blog Title Image Using Canva With 6 Easy Steps (For YOUR Brand)”

The 2 Best & Free Image Editing Tools To Remove Backgrounds

When I create graphics for social media or blogs, there are times when I come across a graphic with a white background. Even some of my clients receive great logos from their designers however they never get a logo with the transparent background. The question is how to get rid of the dreaded white backgroundContinue reading “The 2 Best & Free Image Editing Tools To Remove Backgrounds”