Non-Profit Organizations Are Spectacular!

Hello All!  If you are just getting to know me I have to tell you that non-profit organizations hold a big place in my heart.photo_22838_20121126

I worked 13 years in non-profit organizations and I have had the pleasure of using several non-profit organization services.

One thing I learned when I worked for non-profits is that their membership is absolutely number 1 to them.  They go all out for their members and provide quality service.   I’ve worked for corporations and it is completely different to work for an association.  The culture is what’s different and I love it!  Non-profit associations and organizations really know how to pull staff together for a cause and work as a team.

Now I stated I’ve used their services before and let me tell you I have used MANY organizations’ services.  All have served my family and I in spectacular measures!  My daughter is a leukemia survivor and that is how I had the absolute pleasure in meeting so many people and organizations.  It’s amazing through such difficult times there was always an organization there to lift our spirits and I mean when we thought we had gone to the depths of no return… there was a group out there reaching out to us.   Therefore I plan to designate each month with a featured organization.


This month’s featured non-profit organization is…

Give Kids The World!  Some people are saying what is that.  It’s so funny (not haha but strange) that nearly everyone I talk to about Give Kids The World (GKTW) have never even heard of it.  Yet this is THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH.  Yes, not to be mistaken for that other place. Okay yeah everyone likes the MOUSE and yes Disney is nice BUT GKTW takes the cake baby.

Imagine a little village that caters cancer surviving children from the moment they awake from their beds with toys on the dining room table which secret visitors had placed while you were asleep and to having the bunny rabbit Mayor Clayton laying them down to bed for the sweetest dreams they can possibly have. Then in between dawn to dusk you can play in a dreamland village with:

  • a swimming pool
  • fishing area
  • horseback riding
  • a real life Candyland game which you are the game piece
  • eat breakfast and dinner in a Gingerbread house
  • have a star with your name placed in a castle tower
  • ride a mushroom carousel that have whimsical animals to ride
  • a star fairy in the castle to show photos of you enjoying your day
  • a lovely spa for manicures and makeup
  • an arcade
  • a train ride
  • miniature golf
  • a movie theater
  • and the best thing yet is the Ice Cream Palace where you can have ice cream from when you wake up till you’re ready for bed.

That could be done in one day and that’s not all they have.   Also the volunteers are incredible and there are so many of them.  They do nothing but make sure you are having the best time of your life and if there is a concern they have it taken care of.  The place is amazing!   If you are looking for a place to be generous to or really want to volunteer for something worth while, check out Give Kids The World. It’s well hidden in Kissimmee, FL.


If you have any questions or know about GKTW let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!




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