How to Create a Branded Pin It Button

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how to create a branded pin it button in canva via tigerlilyva

Going through the endless streams of creative blogs, the one thing I’ve found prominent with their images, is a branded pin it button. A custom or branded Pin It button makes a blog look fun and gives the blog character. It tells me 2 things about the blogger: they love their blog and they love Pinterest.

Pin It button - It doesn't have to look like this. via

You don’t have to have the same boring button that everyone else has, right? Take a look at the below showcase of 2 of my most favorite branded Pin It buttons and become inspired to create your own branded Pin It button.

ByRegina Pin It Button
This is ByRegina’s button and she’s fabulous! Probably the most creative person I’ve come across online.


designyourownblog pin it button
Marianne Manthey from designyourownblog is also one of the most creative and helpful people on Earth. Check her out!

As you can see from the Pin It buttons above, they’re quite different and lovely in their own way because they go with the branding of the sites.

My blog friend, Marianne Manthey, from Design Your Own Blog, has a fantastic tutorial on getting it done in PicMonkey. But if you know me! I had to give it a whirl in Canva plus I’ve had some requests so here’s how to create a branded pin it button in Canva.

Questions to Have in Mind to Create a Branded Pin It Button in Canva

  1. Branding Colors
    First things first, what are your branding colors? Do you have 2 main colors that can be of contrast?
  2. Size and Shape
    What are the dimensions? Will it be a circle or rectangle?

My Creative Thought Process and How to Create the Pin It Button

I wanted my button to be large so the eye can see as people scroll down my blog post. I chose a 150px x 150px dimension.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the flower from my logo. Then realized it could get lost on the image. Then I chose a circle for my background, however I went through my branding colors to see which one I liked best. I wasn’t sure about it. That’s what’s great about Canva, you can just click on the colors from the Brand Kit (Canva for Work feature) and give them all a try. Each time you create something and you’re not 100% satisfied then click on the copy button to alter the first creation.

Copy Page
This copy button is my best friend! Seriously.

This is what I came up with from my original thought then to the final pin it button:

pin it button - original for tigerlilyva

pin it button in beige with flower - tigerlilyva

pin it button in blue for tigerlilyva

Now it’s your turn!

Go to Canva and click on Custom Dimensions.

Use Custom Dimensions

Make sure to click on the px units before entering in the numbers for the custom dimension. You can do 150px x 150px or if you want it bigger than try 200px x 200px or more.

When you have your blank square in front of you, think about the different elements about your blog that makes it stand out and unique from others. Are there any design elements or shapes that you use often? Perhaps it’s a pastry or cake blog, maybe you can use a cake icon.

searching for icons, illustrations, search bar

First, search in the Elements tab and click on the Icons button or Illustrations button. Take a look to see if there are any icons that would represent your brand. Sometimes you’ll have to search in the search bar and scroll down to really find what your need. I finally found a cupcake that would be adorable for a pin it button for a pastry blog. Remember most illustrated icons that you find in Canva, the colors can be changed so it can easily match your branding.

Once you select the icon that you want, then place it on the square and add text like “Pin it” so people will know what it is.

When you’re ready with your image, then you’ll want to download it as a .png or .jpg. Sometimes you’ll be able to use the transparent background option in Canva at the download button but it doesn’t always work for me. 😦 If you don’t want all the white space in the squared image you can use a tool called Lunapic to remove the white background (if Canva gives you any trouble). If you’ve never tried it, it’s quite easy just upload your image and go to Edit to use Transparency. You can learn more about it in this post.

When Your Custom or Branded Pin It Button is Ready for Your Blog

Now your pin it button is ready! Almost done. Now go to Pinterest, to find out how you can add it to your specific platform where your blog is. I have, the plugin that they suggest did not work for me. I had a hard time with it, matter of fact, the pin it button was up on the top corner of my site which was crazy looking! Then thankfully on Marianne Manthey’s blog post, the one I mentioned in the beginning of this post, someone had stated they used a plugin called JQuery Pin It Button for Images. It’s been working perfectly! You can adjust it to be enabled on pages or only on blog posts. I just had to upload the pin it button to the plugin and BOOM it was done. I was nearly tearing out my hair with the Pinterest plugin it suggested and the coding to do it manually. The nice thing about is that it allows you to pick the placement of where the pin it button will be shown on images (right corner, left corner, or center).

Of course depending on your blog platform, it will really all depend on how you can add it to your blog.

Is a Branded Pin It Button for you?

Well if you don’t use Pinterest often then probably not. If you have a large vertical image on your blog posts then those would be the ideal pinned images, and yes the branded pin it button would be great for you. If you have your blog post title image in a vertical position, then yes you’ve created an image for Pinterest. If you use infographics on most of your posts, then yes the pin it button is worth the time.

Sometimes readers need a bit of instruction and if they like your post a whole lot then they’ll share it. Why not let them know you’d like the article to be pinned with the direct call to action on the ‘pin it’ button. I think they’ll be more inclined to pin it. Do you agree?

[tweet_box inject=”Give readers a direct call to action – a branded ‘pin it’ button. They’ll be more inclined to pin. @tigerlilyva11 #pinterest #branding”]Give readers a direct call to action – a branded ‘pin it’ button. They’ll be more inclined to pin.[/tweet_box]

Let me know in the comments if the pin it button would be something you’d like to do. If you have it already, share a post with the branded pin it button you’ve created in the comments. I’d love to see it!

Take care,

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26 thoughts on “How to Create a Branded Pin It Button

    1. Hi Marianne,

      It’s my pleasure! You always have the best and most creative advice for DIY blogs!

      Thanks for stopping by,

    1. Hi Erika!

      Isn’t it amazing?! When I kept seeing it on some blogs I wondered how did they do that? I was so happy that I was able to do it in Canva.

      Take care,

  1. Hi Lillian,

    It always amazes me what we can do with Canva. As a Canva user myself, I’m not so savvy. Here you did a wonderful tutorial-like way to create a branded pin on Pinterest.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about an image that could “brand” me. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by! It really amazes me what all can be done in Canva.

      For your branding image, I picture something bright and fun to match your personality. Even if you just do a colorful star with the words Pin It in the middle of it, I think it would be great for you! Let me know if you need any help.

      Take care,

  2. Hi Lillian,
    This is amazing, never thought you can change the Social Media buttons 🙂
    Canva is a great tool, thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Mandy,

      So happy it was helpful to you!

      Thank you so much for the compliment. 🙂

      Take care,

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve looked at tutorials before, but I never got around to making my own custom button before. I did one right now for my blog and it was really easy!

    1. Hi Aino,

      I’m so happy to hear you got a Pin It button done for your blog!

      Take care,

  4. Nice work on the button, Lillian!

    I have a question though – does this button or plugin support Pinterest pin counts and data? One reason I’ve never bothered to create one (the main reason being time, of course 😉 ).

    Pinterest site says “If you’ve been using a custom (“unofficial”) Pin It button (one that doesn’t use pinit.js), then you’ve been missing out on automatic updates, analytics, technical support from our team and smarter recommendations for your Pinners.” “Pin counts won’t appear for round, hover or custom buttons.”

    Does this mean your pins don’t get counted?

    1. Hi Louise,

      You have a really great question there on the pin count. It doesn’t seem to affect it because I do see those pins in my analytics on Pinterest. I’ll keep careful watch on it to see if things change.

      Thanks for stopping by and take care,

  5. Hi Lillian,
    Thanks so much for this article. Creating your own pin it to go with the style of your blog appeals to me . I looked up Marianne Manthey’s
    Design Your Own Blog and her tutorial using PicMonkey looks great.

    for mentioning her. I use both Canva and PicMonkey It just depends on what
    type of work I’m doing. Off to make pins its!

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      I’m glad you visited Marianne’s blog for her tutorial. She has excellent tips for blogs!

      Thanks for stopping by and take care,

  6. Hi Lillian

    My first Visit to your blog and I can see that you are so creative. Love you logo and blog design.

    Now I was never aware that you can have a Pin branded design till I read your post. I think I will make this my project this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      Welcome! So glad you’re here and that you like the blog.

      Please do let me know when you have your branded pin it button ready. I’d love to see it!

      Take care,

    1. Hi Dr. Elise,

      This is great! I can’t wait to see yours. Let me know when you have it ready!

      Take care,

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