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Starlight Children's Foundation via
Amelie & the Starlight guy

Check out the articles below to learn more about my personal experiences with cancer.

My favorite childhood cancer organizations that really make a difference in lives. 

Extraordinary Organizations:

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Give Kids The World

Make A Wish

Starlight Children’s Foundation


Childhood Cancer devastated our family but…

it has changed our lives for the better in ways we would have never imagined. 

Our Story

Cancer hit our family years ago now however it still feels like yesterday. The feeling of the unknown and how to keep strong for our little one was a daily struggle. Now my daughter is a survivor and a strong one at that. She keeps our family together and the bond is undeniable.

However it’s not like that for many families. When cancer hits, it hits HARD. It destroys many marriages and hopes for their children. Our family has been blessed in many ways and we’d like to give back as much as we can.

As we went through the cancer struggle, many organizations opened their arms to embrace us with their care. Providing our daughter with the confidence to go out in the world and talk about what she’s been through. At such a young tender age of 5, what can organizations possibly do for her. They provided financial services to our family for various needs and fun family times. The amount of joy they provided with toys and fun outdoor activities helped so much to relieve the anxiety that was faced on a daily basis. All of these services have molded my daughter to understand that although there was a struggle there was hope and a light to conquer anything.

This page is dedicated to the organizations that have helped our family. It would mean even more to me if you can donate to any of the organizations, especially the ones who provide research development to one day stop childhood cancer.

You can learn more about our story with the variety of articles I’ve written on my site and others. See why I say #pediatriccancersucks!

50% of the Canva Course for Business earnings

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will be donated to the organizations listed on this page.

I’d love for you to partner with me in helping make a difference in children’s lives and their families.

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