When Authority Becomes Your Visual Marketing Tool in 3 Impactful Ways

Personal development and achievement should be taken very seriously as an entrepreneur. There is no boss to remind you of ladders or ranks, you and only YOU can prepare yourself for what you need for your niche and what your audience would expect to see from you. That’s when we must build ourselves up asContinue reading “When Authority Becomes Your Visual Marketing Tool in 3 Impactful Ways”

Awesome Visual Marketing Tips – Blog Roundup

With the enormous amount of blogs that I read (mostly marketing), I’ve found that there’s so much to share in such little time. A roundup post was needed and fast! I’ve gotten inspiration from Donna Merrill (awesome entrepreneurial blogger pal) to do this roundup post while reading her blog. She had top bloggers listed withContinue reading “Awesome Visual Marketing Tips – Blog Roundup”