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Nothing makes my heart sing more than helping people learn and achieve their business goals through visual marketing. Visual marketing is SUPER important as an entrepreneur and social media manager.

From Canva one-on-one training to blogging to social media management – it’s TRULY a pleasure for me.

Here’s where I can help YOU.


Let me help you blog! I LOVE blogging… especially how-to posts where I can give step by step instructions along with tons of awesome images, gifs, or screencasts. Find out more HERE.

Social Media Management

Social media is life now… it surrounds us. Not just for personal use but every business has to use social media for customer service, networking with clients, and demonstrate a position of authority. I’ve done my research and I know how to help businesses take advantage of social media. Let me help you with your social media management. Find out more HERE.


Here’s what people have to say about my services:

Here’s what Jane Guyn, Founder of Pleasure Plan had to say about her one-on-one session, “I appreciated your help very much.  xoxo Thank you for your help with the Canva/Powerpoint interface. :)”

This is what Brian Scott Baskins, Author, had to say: “You are so fast and so good. You definitely have a gift. I will surely be sending referrals your way. You do amazing work.”


Feed Me Ideas

I provide one-on-one training sessions to anyone who would like to learn more about how Canva can help with marketing a business.

Check out what this Health/Nutrition Coach had to say about her 1-1 training:

I contacted Lillian De Jesus for one on one Canva instruction.  I found her to be very knowledgable, accommodating, and easy to work with.

She had the ability to explain the program to me clearly and concisely.  She was available AFTER our meeting to answer questions.  I feel she went out of her way to be helpful.  My experience with Lillian was wonderful and I would highly recommend her Canva Training Services!

Check out what Amy Stockwell had to say about her Canva question:
That does answer my question!!!  Thank you so much for helping me realize how easy it could be!
I was racking my brain!

You are a genius!

Thanks again!


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