Podcasting? Don’t Miss These Visual Marketing Must-Haves

Podcasting? Don't Miss These Visual Marketing Must-Haves by Lillian De Jesus via tigerlilyva.com

Could podcasting be the new visual marketing for businesses?

I know… you’re wondering if you’ve read that correctly. Podcasting and visual marketing, could they really work together? Absolutely!

Podcasting has taken over as a huge marketing strategy and the percentage of Americans who have listened to a podcast in 2014 to 2015 has almost doubled, according to Pew Research Center.

People love to hear an array of genres such as: business, marketing, startup, comedy, and lifestyle. The most popular podcast at the moment is This American Life.

What’s podcasting have to do with visual marketing?

A lot! How many times have you gone to iTunes and see those tiny little podcast squares with titles?

iTunes podcast cover art screenshot by tigerlilyva.com

iTunes Podcast Thumbnails

As a podcaster, you have a minimum of 1,400 X 1,400 pixels and that doesn’t give you a whole lot of space. It’s really your first impression on what your podcast will be about. The cover art is SUPER important as a visual marketing aspect.

Since podcasting has been so crazy pumped for business owners, you have to stand out from the crowd even more. You not only have to worry about iTunes, but in all the other areas such as: Stitcher, your own website, and social media posts.

Keeping your cover art and your episode art visually appealing will help to have others click to learn more about your podcast and hopefully subscribe to your podcast. These are visual marketing must-haves!

The episode art is important especially for social media. You have to be consistent with the type of images you’d like to display according to your topics.

Here are some tips:

  • Now if you have guests on your podcast show, please have the guest’s photo on the image. People love to put the face to the voice!
  • You can use your branded colors to accent your episode art image.
  • Put the episode number and name on the image.
  • Keep your podcast art in a horizontal layout so you can easily have it shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. (Example shown below)Angela Lau Podcast Course Connection with Lillian De Jesus
  • Update the art into a vertical layout if you want it to be shared on Google+ and Pinterest.
    (Example shown below)
TheWPChick.com Podcast with Hani Mourra

The WordPress Chick Podcast – Pinterest Image


Notice the different styles for both of the images however they are consistent throughout each episode with the font, colors, logo, and guest photo.

Podcasting can definitely be a source of visual marketing if you play it right. Right?!

How can I create the podcasting images?

You can use Canva, of course! Canva has the set dimensions for social media and blog titles. You can use their set dimensions and create a template. This will make creating each episode image amazingly simple.

Social Media Template in Canva via tigerlilyva.com


For the thumbnail cover art, you can use the custom dimension and use the space wisely to convey what your podcast is about.

Podcast Art Custom Dimension with Canva via tigerlilyva



Closing Thoughts on Visual Marketing Must-Haves for Podcasting

If you’re looking to venture into the podcasting realm with your business, take your image into account. The small thumbnail images to the social media images make a difference. Think about your audience when creating your images.

People tend to use a microphone on the image but be unique from the crowd. Have your podcast name and branded colors or an image that will stand out from the iTunes thumbnails.

What’s your favorite podcast? I’d love to know. My podcast faves are: The WordPress Chick, Course Connection, and Allegrativity.

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus

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  1. says

    Hello Lillian,
    Thanks for the education on podcasting and image creation. This was an eye opener for me in many respects. I do not do podcasting for business and I rarely ever listen to it. I am getting from your article that this is a tool being used by marketers and its use is on the increase. I would therefore need to school myself on the use of this. I have a question though, do you know how effective this has been in making a difference compared to traditional marketing activities?
    Also, I have been hearing about Canva very often but really don’t know what it is. Is it a paid for service? The reason I ask is because you have referenced it so many times in your article.
    Thanks for a great post.
    vinton samms recently posted…Guidelines for participation in FB Challenges, Groups, ETCMy Profile

    • Lillian De Jesus says

      Hello Vinton,

      Having an amazing image to go with podcasting is essential nowadays to market the podcast. I recently started listening to podcasts, there are so many in regards to business topics. I really do love it!

      As for podcasting as a marketing effort for business, I do not have statistics on that however I do know The WordPress Chick speaks highly of podcasting and what it has done for her business. She does has case studies and research done. I suggest speaking with her. You can contact her on her Facebook facebook.com/thewordpresschick or Twitter page @kimdoyal.

      I do blog a lot about Canva as this is the number one tool I use for my business. It’s a graphic design tool for the “non-designer”. It’s very easy to use and it is free. You can create social media images with their ready size templates and create presentations. It is very versatile where you can use it for a variety of business needs. Definitely give it a try!

      Take care,

    • Lillian De Jesus says

      Hi Erika,

      I’m glad you liked this post! Podcasting is becoming more popular by the minute and the visual marketing side of it is super important.

      Take care,

  2. says

    Hello, Lillian:

    First I wanted you to know that I’m one of your email list subscribers; I enjoy your newsletter!

    Secondly, this is such a timely post for me. I am investigating podcasts and deciding what to do about it. Then I come here, I am so amazed because you are pointing out that images and podcasts go together. You know I’m all about images! Thank you for teaching me more about this subject.


    • Lillian De Jesus says

      Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for signing up to the newsletter and I’m so tickled you enjoy it!

      I’m also interested in podcasting. I plan to start next year. Definitely check out The WordPress Chick as she has lots of information and resources on podcasting.

      Take care,

  3. says

    It’s really important to integrate interesting visuals with your podcasts, for the reasons you’ve given here, Lillian.

    Canva is an effective tool to use for this purpose.

    I think people focus so much on the content of their podcasts, that they forget they have to make it visually appealing in order for people to subscribe to it. It’s like creating a great info product and then doing a lousy job with the sales page, or a great bottled ice tea inside of an ugly bottle.

    I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the fact is, most people do.

    Thanks for showing us how to create a compelling and attractive “cover” for our podcasts.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…6 Steps To Affiliate BloggingMy Profile

    • Lillian De Jesus says

      Hi David,

      Thanks for commenting! It’s sad but true that people judge a book by its cover. It’s always best to be prepared to have the podcast art visually appealing.

      It’s such a joy to have you visit.

      Take care,

  4. says

    Hi Lillian, I had never even considered the connection between podcasting and visual marketing. Great idea to write about. I do see the need now. We all need something spectacular and alluring to get people to our products. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m still loving Canva!
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Oh, Sweet PeaMy Profile

    • Lillian De Jesus says

      Hi BG,

      To me, visual marketing is needed everywhere! I’m glad you liked this post.

      Take care,

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