Is Canva for Work for the Entrepreneur?

Is Canva for Work for the Entreprener? via tigerlilyva.comCanva has launched their Canva for Work premium feature! That means Canva has made it even more easy to create beautiful designs with less effort. Many people question if Canva for Work is good for them as an entrepreneur or solopreneur. This is where I give the details of my experience using Canva for Work. I think you’ll be immensely satisfied with the results... [Read more...]

Are Emojis Part Of Your Visual Marketing Strategy

FB POST.are emojis part of your visual marketing strategy via tigerlilyvaI was tweeting away and noticed an ad from Chevrolet with the hashtag #chevygoesemoji. There was a gif, so of course it caught my attention. Now I’m not a Chevy fan or very much into cars at all BUT this whole #chevygoesemoji was intriguing to me. So I started researching it and found this article, “Chevrolet’s All-Emoji Press Release”. I must say I was... [Read more...]

5 Ways to Create Visually Appealing Newsletters {and Why It Matters}.

5 ways to create visually appealing email newslettersHey fabulous content creators!  I'm Kirsten from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace, and author of An Inbox of Opportunity.  I'm so excited to be here today talking about one of my favorite things - email marketing!  I'm a huge advocate for email marketing for content creators and small business folks in every niche.  With the ever-changing algorithms of social media making... [Read more...]