Tigerlily Template Collection Premier – Blog Title Image Templates for Canva

Featured Image. Tigerlily Template Collection PremierBloggers who've written posts for a long time will tell you that there is a process in creating blog posts. Actually most have a set template for writing their posts. Time is money and no one wants to waste time on how to write a post. However part of that post would include images and most importantly the blog title image. Full-time bloggers are also business... [Read more...]

Create a Blog Title Image Template in Canva

FB POST.Create a Blog Title Image Template in Canva via tigerlilyva.comThe word template is buzzing through the air! Everyone seems to want a template for their Canva projects. Well why not! The process in creating a blog title image can be rather tedious for every blog post. Some people have told me they take longer on the image than their actual blog post. How inefficient is that?! Mulling over something you're not really crazy about -... [Read more...]