3 Incredible Updates for Canva for Work Users

Featured Image. incredible updates for canva for work usersAs a part of the Canva Inner Circle, it's wonderful to learn about the new features Canva comes up with every month. They are constantly evolving and striving to make Canva as easy as possible for everyone, no matter if they're a designer or not. What amazes me is their openness to feedback of Canva users. They will do whatever it takes to please their customers, when... [Read more...]

4 Elements To Make Blogging For Business Successful

Blogging for business can be difficult and many entrepreneurs aren't sure what to blog about and if they should blog. I'm here to tell you blogging is an amazing asset to a business. It amazes me when people all over the world contact me or comment on my blog about a specific article. In many ways, it becomes a free marketing tool and you're providing value with... [Read more...]

Make Your Pinterest Images Pin-Worthy

Featured Image-make your pinterest images pin-worthy via tigerlilyvaHow do you make images pin-worthy on your blog? Pin-worthy... you know, an image that makes you intrigued to learn more about the image, brings tears to your eyes, makes you salivate at the mouth... I think you get the picture. haha No pun intended! There are so many ways to make images stand out and absolutely pinnable. Let's go through these easy steps to make your... [Read more...]

How to Create a Branded Pin It Button

Featured Image - create a branded pin it button in canvaGoing through the endless streams of creative blogs, the one thing I've found prominent with their images, is a branded pin it button. A custom or branded Pin It button makes a blog look fun and gives the blog character. It tells me 2 things about the blogger: they love their blog and they love Pinterest. You don't have to have the same boring button that... [Read more...]