10 Customer Service Tips for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

If you’re running any business the absolute essential key is Customer Service.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small business, non-profit, or large corporation. Customer Service is the only way the business survives. This is from my 15+ years of experience in customer support. Once you sell your service or product, what's next? You need to retain that customer. Now... [Read more...]

Stimulating Sunday – Life Lesson

This is where I blog about something silly yet stimulating and let you know what the life lesson is.   The life lesson can help you with your personal and/or professional lives. February 2, 2014 I live in the country and I have 2 chickens.   A rooster and a hen, the rooster is an Ameracauna and the hen is a Barred Rock.  I haven’t really given them names.  I... [Read more...]

What’s Up… with Google Docs?

Google Docs is a remarkable product and if you haven’t had the pleasure of using it, I suggest you start. Now I started using Google Docs when I first received my MacBook and I didn’t have Microsoft Office.   I have to say I was lost… I mean I was groomed and nurtured all my work-life for Microsoft Office and I have this new laptop (a Mac, which I was not too... [Read more...]

Non-Profit Organizations Are Spectacular!

Hello All!  If you are just getting to know me I have to tell you that non-profit organizations hold a big place in my heart. I worked 13 years in non-profit organizations and I have had the pleasure of using several non-profit organization services. One thing I learned when I worked for non-profits is that their membership is absolutely number 1 to them.  They go all... [Read more...]