Like Canva? – Find out about the Video Training

WHY? Canva Video TrainingWhy would I do a training video on Canva when I say it’s SO Easy?

The answer is: Learning style

Everyone has a unique way of learning. A person can be given an instruction manual however it still won’t click in their brain. It’s just not how they’re wired.

With my experience in a non-profit organization in the certification exam field, I found that all testers had the same question. What can I study in order to the pass the exam?

That’s the magic question, isn’t it? Well… it’s different for everyone. No 2 people learn exactly the same. One person learns well with just auditory instructions or one learns well with auditory and visual. Canva has their own tutorial but no audio. If you learn well kinesthetically then you’re good to go.

Another reason that the training videos could work out for you is if learning something new is stressful to you. Maybe having your own business with lots of responsibilities, you feel that you don’t have time to spend on images. Also a person may think that they’re not creative enough to create images.

To learn more about your learning style, check out this quiz:

The quiz can help you to learn more about yourself and you can use it for your kids to learn about how they learn best. Pretty handy tool!

Check out this video below on Why In The World Did I Decide To Do Training on Canva. When you see me be sure to bring up the volume because I talk too softly. I learned from my mistake and the future videos will be much better, I PROMISE!

I am not by any means trying to be a Professor or Expert Instructor, I’m just a regular “Joe Shmoe” that wants to help people by encouraging them to learn business tools for their business or blog.

Please leave a comment on the video or here. I’d love your feedback. Also I’ve enabled sharing on the video so please SHARE away if you think it’s useful info.

Until next time…

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


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6 thoughts on “Like Canva? – Find out about the Video Training

  1. I love your explanation but more importantly I adore how real you were. Some would not post the video in which they mistakenly spoke too softly but you did not do that. Instead you embraced the mistake that anyone could have made and allow all to learn from it. Kudos to you.

  2. Thanks for putting up y our first video. I think if more of use could see how confident you are in improving, more of us would be willing to let ourselves be vulnerable to share. I can tell you are committed to your growth, which would be a trait I would look for in a VA.
    I also use Canva for my business, as it’s so helpful for Instagram and quick things I need for my posts. I could know more though I admit. I’ll check out your download, as it will give me more insight to improve.
    Thanks again Liliian,


  3. Hi Lillian,

    I love Canva and I use it a lot. However, to your point, since there is no tutorial (certainly no video) I have been learning Canva on my own by trial and error. Your video is very helpful.

    Thank You!
    – Monisha

    1. Hi Monisha,

      I’m glad the video was helpful. It’s great to learn by trial and error but it can be a slow process. The upcoming videos will lend some helpful tips for your presentations and social media posts. Thanks for checking out this post!

      Take care,

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