The 2 Best & Free Image Editing Tools To Remove Backgrounds


When I create graphics for social media or blogs, there are times when I come across a graphic with a white background. Even some of my clients receive great logos from their designers however they never get a logo with the transparent background. The question is how to get rid of the dreaded white background without going into Adobe Photoshop or paying for a software to get it done.

square meme

I have tested so many web applications and it all came down to 2 image photo editors to remove backgrounds that were super easy to use. I mean REALLY easy to use.


Using image editors can make it easy to remove the white background. These kids are pretty excited!

I know many people love ClippingMagic and PicMonkey for transparent backgrounds. However they just don’t work for me that well.

Here’s the 2 BEST & FREE image editing tools to remove backgrounds:


LunaPic is not a new web application; it’s been around the web world for quite a while from what I can gather at least 10 years old. I guess many people don’t like it because of the ads splattered all over the site. However it does the job and it does it fast. I used my revised logo as an example.

  • Upload your photo/graphic
  • Click on Edit and scroll down to Transparency
  • Click on the image color you would like to make transparent
    BAM! It’s done.

Take a look at the GIF below.

LunaPic Demo

I didn’t increase the speed on this GIF, this was real time and would actually have been less if I was at the home page to upload my logo at first. It took a full minute!

Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is another excellent option. Nothing fancy about the user interface, no matter, this tool gets the job done. You can also use it for many other features such as create GIFs or animation. I have never used any of the other features but it’s certainly something to look into.

  • Once you upload your photo, click on the Wizard tab.
  • Click on the diamond graphic that states Transparency.
  • Click on Selected Transparent Area on the left and click on the background.
  • Wait for the magic to happen… Boom! The background is removed.

online image editor demo

Again for this GIF as in the LunaPic demo, I didn’t speed up the GIF. It literally took 1 minute to remove the white background. It did find some holes in the lettering, which I was able to click on and the background disappeared. That was awesome!

Research & Experience with Image Photo Editors

With my experience with other image editors, these were the only 2 that I would remove a white background in 1 minute or less. I used to use PowerPoint to remove the background but it was absolutely a tedious project.

Squirrel Meme - removebackground

Check out the comparison with the GIF below when I used my logo in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint demo for transparent background

That was a lot of work compared to LunaPic and Online Image Editor. I did have to increase the speed 3 times fast in this GIF because it took WAY TOO LONG to get done.

What are your favorite image editor tools?

I like to call these tools my “Canva Sidekicks” because when I get through with removing the backgrounds I upload them to Canva to create more images.

These image editor tools work for me and as you can see from my mini videos they are super fast. I’d like to know what you use when you experience white backgrounds on your graphics.



Give these tools a try and let me know how you like them in the comments.

Take care,

Lillian De Jesus


  1. says

    Hi Lillian,

    I love coming to your blog and learning so much about images. Images are imperative to use these days, so to keep on top of things, you are my go to gal!
    I use Canva and sometimes Pic Monkey. I also tried to use Pixelmator to remove backgrounds, but it doesn’t work well unless you are a graphic artist lol.
    I’m taking a look at online image editor and LunarPic right after this comment.
    Thanks so much,

    • says

      Hi Donna,

      I know how time consuming it is to get rid of the backgrounds. That’s why I felt this was a much needed post and I couldn’t be the only one that struggled to find the right tools for the job. Let me know how Online Image Editor and LunaPic work out for you.

      Take care,
      Lillian 🙂

  2. says

    Hello Lillian, It has been a while since I have been here and forgot how great your tips are, now this is something I can surely use.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  3. says

    Hi Lillian…
    Another GREAT tidbit!! Love this. There are more image editors now because they are just that important! I did not know of these… you are full of information!!! A must share 🙂

    • Lillian De Jesus says

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks so much for sharing this site! I’m always looking for amazing tools that help entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to check it out!

      Take care,

  4. says

    Hey Lillian,

    Sometimes I too work for social media and the toughest part is making creative posts. I will surely give this tool a try and till than you have really described about the tool awesome. Thanks

  5. says

    Hi Lilian,

    Tks so much for posting the 2 tools. Previously, I was using iPiccy but it’s manual. Sometimes we caused rough edges so not a proper production. I choose LunaPic for its simplicity. Background removed instantly in auto mode. It works like magic! Most of all FREE. I really love it. You are my savior – lots of time saved for my website!

    Best rgds,

  6. Lubna khan says

    Thanks so much for sharing this important site! I’m always looking for this awesome tools that help entrepreneurs. I can not wait to check it out!

  7. No Name says

    Thanks for LunaPic. What a great application. I was wasting my time trying to find one that didn’t require you outlining every image. All I want is to remove a background and LunaPic does the trick. Thanks again

  8. DerBingle says

    Hi Lillian,

    Thank you for this post. I was trying to work with PicMonkey and a few others but LunaPic is just the fastest and easiest way to do it. Thanks again.

  9. Veronica says

    I post this comment truly from my deepest heart to say *Thank You Very Much* – with you sharing this article it has helped me a big time and, right timing.
    (Good deed, keep it up)

  10. Sway says

    Brilliant, thank you. My image was created on Canva and I just couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted. This blog post and Luna pic, 5 minutes. Happy that I’ll be getting to sleep on time.

  11. says

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  12. says

    This article just saved my day(s) as I got more and more tired to figure out how I manage background transparecy – in photoshop, or coral draw, or picture publisher … bless you for this post 😉 the videos helped to find everything very quickly. And thanks to the creator of ‘online image editor’!! It’s at once so uncomplicated and effective in every way I could wish. Can it be so easy? YES!!!!

  13. Laurie says

    Thanks so much for your info! I really thought the LunaPic was going to work for me, but I am editing a pair of earrings with quite a bit of detail and I can’t figure out how to go in, after going thru the steps to make the background transparent, to get into the fine, little areas that need manual editing…any tips?

  14. C. Campbell says

    Thank you so very much!!!!!!!

    Like you, I worked diligently on creating a transparent background in another program. It left too many white background shadows. I was about to give up until I happened upon your article.

    Using your suggestions worked wonders for me and saved what little sanity I have left. (LOL)


  1. […] When you’re ready with your image, then you’ll want to download it as a .png or .jpg. Sometimes you’ll be able to use the transparent background option in Canva at the download button but it doesn’t always work for me. If you don’t want all the white space in the squared image you can use a tool called Lunapic to remove the white background (if Canva gives you any trouble). If you’ve never tried it, it’s quite easy just upload your image and go to Edit to use Transparency. You can learn more about it in this post. […]

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