Time to Kick Off the New Year with Inspiration

blog post feature for inspirationInspiration isn't something that comes to you, you have to find and achieve it. This year I'm starting things off with inspiration, and success! In quote form, of course, but I also want these quotes to mean something. I want them to motivate you (and me) this year. Let's go! Kick off the New Year with Motivational Quotes Here's a bit of motivation for you! You... [Read more...]

Top Business Tools Freelancers Need to Succeed & Grow

Business Tools Freelancers Need to Succeed & Grow  Listen to the audio file of this article! Just as a gardener needs tools to grow a successful garden so does a business. When you start out on your own as a business owner or freelancer, you'll find the next best course that will help you succeed with your niche or sign up for an ebook that will answer most of your business questions. We all need tools... [Read more...]

3 Incredible Updates for Canva for Work Users

Featured Image. incredible updates for canva for work usersAs a part of the Canva Inner Circle, it's wonderful to learn about the new features Canva comes up with every month. They are constantly evolving and striving to make Canva as easy as possible for everyone, no matter if they're a designer or not. What amazes me is their openness to feedback of Canva users. They will do whatever it takes to please their customers, when... [Read more...]

How to Create a Branded Pin It Button

Featured Image - create a branded pin it button in canvaGoing through the endless streams of creative blogs, the one thing I've found prominent with their images, is a branded pin it button. A custom or branded Pin It button makes a blog look fun and gives the blog character. It tells me 2 things about the blogger: they love their blog and they love Pinterest. You don't have to have the same boring button that... [Read more...]

Tigerlily Template Collection Premier – Blog Title Image Templates for Canva

Featured Image. Tigerlily Template Collection PremierBloggers who've written posts for a long time will tell you that there is a process in creating blog posts. Actually most have a set template for writing their posts. Time is money and no one wants to waste time on how to write a post. However part of that post would include images and most importantly the blog title image. Full-time bloggers are also business... [Read more...]

Create a Blog Title Image Template in Canva

FB POST.Create a Blog Title Image Template in Canva via tigerlilyva.comThe word template is buzzing through the air! Everyone seems to want a template for their Canva projects. Well why not! The process in creating a blog title image can be rather tedious for every blog post. Some people have told me they take longer on the image than their actual blog post. How inefficient is that?! Mulling over something you're not really crazy about -... [Read more...]

Is Canva for Work for the Entrepreneur?

Is Canva for Work for the Entreprener? via tigerlilyva.comCanva has launched their Canva for Work premium feature! That means Canva has made it even more easy to create beautiful designs with less effort. Many people question if Canva for Work is good for them as an entrepreneur or solopreneur. This is where I give the details of my experience using Canva for Work. I think you’ll be immensely satisfied with the results... [Read more...]