3 Clever Steps To Use Multiple Graphic or Pattern Sheets in Canva [VIDEO]

When you’re using Canva, there are a variety of images you can start off with to complete your own creative personalized image. You can use photos, which happens to be my favorite especially for quotes on social media. However there are times where a graphic catches my eye and I NEED to use it. Then I realize the one graphic I want is stuck with a bunch of other... [Read more...]

5 Tips to Finding Your Ideal Business Coach

Now that the year-end is here you’ll start seeing a number of articles of goals for next year and how they fit in your overall business plan. I’ve really thought about my goals and I found in order for me to look forward to my goals, I have to look at what worked for my business this past year. What was the HIT or MISS of my business? One item that sticks out more... [Read more...]

Why Is Typography Important For Business

Have you ever come across a graphic, website, or even an email that was hard to read? Having an ideal typeface for your designs is quite important. Matter of fact it may contribute to your conversion rate on your website and an overall emotional feel to your readers. First of all we have to talk about something that’s a bit controversial. Quick Vocabulary Lesson &... [Read more...]

How to Create Social Media Graphics with Canva

social media graphics with canvaYou ever make a graphic for your Twitter posts and see that your image is chopped off in the stream? A head is chopped off and you may see a couple of words that make no sense. Yes, people who see your post can click Expand and they can be enlightened with your amazing graphic then. However would they even bother to hit Expand? Canva makes it so easy to create a Twitter... [Read more...]

How to Create Canva Presentations for SlideShare [Video]

How to Create Canva Presentations for SlideShareSlideShare has become an important visual content marketing tool for any business. It's important due to it's association with LinkedIn and for all business professionals it is a must have to represent your skills and talent online. The SlideShare presentations can be linked to your LinkedIn profile for public viewing. It's an added measure to your business profile... [Read more...]

How to Create Canva Presentations in Keynote & PowerPoint [VIDEOS]

Create Canva Presentations in Keynote or PowerPointDid you know you can create Canva presentations and convert them into Keynote or PowerPoint? You don't have to do a complete presentation in Canva however you can do several slides and throw those slides right into an existing presentation. You can also keep your business branding in mind when doing a presentation and create templates with your logo, brand colors, and... [Read more...]

How To Create Blog Graphic Canva Designs [Video]

You just finished writing your blog post and realized you need an image. MAYBE you've been very organized and you'd like to get a head start on your blog graphics that you have scheduled on your editorial calendar for the next month. Whichever way you look at it there is no doubt you need images for your blog post. Of course what's better than something easy and you can... [Read more...]

Getting Your Blog Noticed With Awesome Photos Fast & Free

The most frequent question I get asked is where do I get my photos. Photos are always needed for social media posts, blog graphics, and for any of your visual content needs. I’m not a photographer therefore I have to find photo sites. Not just any photos, AMAZING photos and on the cheap. When I say on the cheap, I mean F.R.E.E. If you’re good at taking photos, you... [Read more...]

Like Canva? – Find out about the Video Training

Why would I do a training video on Canva when I say it’s SO Easy? The answer is: Learning style Everyone has a unique way of learning. A person can be given an instruction manual however it still won't click in their brain. It's just not how they're wired. With my experience in a non-profit organization in the certification exam field, I found that all testers had... [Read more...]