An Exploration & Discovery With Free Infographic Tools

Infographics have become one of the most popular visual content marketing tools. The effectiveness is incredible in providing boring statistics into a visual display to get the readers to learn all about anything and everything FAST. People don’t like to read charts and graphs. It can get rather confusing and that’s where infographics have become a handy tool to... [Read more...] or – Which is best for a new entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, you gather ideas of what would be needed to get your business going. A website is what pops into mind usually to the list of biz needs. You know you need one and as a new entrepreneur your budget may not be sufficient to hire someone to get one. There are lots of options of free website platforms. How do you know which one will be best? I had... [Read more...]

The 6 Ultimate Time-Saving Canva Hacks for Social Media Managers & Entrepreneurs

As a social media manager, I have to find quick and easy ways to get things done. Social media in itself can be a total time SUCK. When you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or don’t even get me started with Pinterest... where does the time go? Creating images for social media can also take away some of your valuable time, even with an awesome tool like Canva. So I have... [Read more...]

Female Entrepreneur ROCKS Graphic Design Capabilities – My Interview with Melanie Perkins, Canva CEO/CoFounder

As a female entrepreneur, I am intrigued and interested in learning from other female entrepreneurs. I love hearing their stories and what their calling is. What makes them MOVE?! One female entrepreneur that I could not wait to interview and had to be my absolute first of the year is Melanie Perkins, CEO & CoFounder of Canva. Of course I had to ask her about... [Read more...]

8 Strategies to Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Here we are in a New Year and as entrepreneurs that are starting out or as entrepreneurial veterans the one thing that all business owners must do is to have goal setting on the top of their to-do list. Goal setting is essential in life experiences and work experiences. “You can't move forward until you look back.” ― Cornel West Michael Hyatt put out an... [Read more...]